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DMD’s Year of Learning, Adapting: 5 Reflections from 2020

Tighe Blazier, President

No amount of planning can prepare a business for a crisis such as COVID-19. At DMD, we started off 2020 expecting to help our clients connect meaningfully with healthcare professionals, as always. The pandemic worsened and everything changed.

Confronted with varying COVID-related challenges, we committed to learning—and evolving—to better support our clients and the larger healthcare community during this time. Despite the difficulties, DMD found ways to serve our clients and help them overcome unparalleled hardships.

The pandemic may not be over, but what we have learned will carry through 2021 and beyond. Here are our top reflections from 2020...

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Email Year in Review Report: Identifying COVID-19 Trends PLUS What to Expect in 2021

David Reim, Chief Privacy Officer

2020 represented an unprecedented year for many reasons. 

COVID-19 loomed large in everyone’s life and proved to be greatly influential for healthcare marketing. DMD’s analysis of the more than 32 million emails deployed from October 31, 2019 to October 31, 2020 revealed informative trends. These emails were sent to U.S.-based physicians, nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants, nurses, and pharmacists on behalf of pharmaceutical companies and brands.

Our 2020 Email Year in Review report summarizes year-to-year trends, delves into engagement metrics influenced by COVID-19, and provides a look to what may be ahead for healthcare marketers in 2021.

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Triggered Email’s Exponential Effect: The “Math” Behind 1+1=3

Jerrad Rickard, Senior Director of Product Management: Email

In our latest webinar, “1+1=3: Triggered Email is the Perfect Complement to Your Email Marketing,” our goal was to highlight the value of integrating broadcast and triggered email campaigns.

We use the “1+1=3” equation to illustrate why combining broadcast and triggered is not simply an average of each individual campaign’s performance. Each is effective on its own, but when using triggered + broadcast, impact increases exponentially.

Here are a few key insights we extracted from the webinar. If you’d like to view the entire session, you can access it here.

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Ho, Ho, Hold Up… Should You Deploy Emails During the Holidays?

Jerrad Rickard, Senior Director of Product Management: Email

When you’re in the business of data, it’s important to follow trends year over year. In the past, we’ve identified a number of consistencies surrounding email engagement, specific to the holiday season. Healthcare marketers can expect some of those consistencies to remain the same this year, but they also have to consider the unique nature of 2020.

Our analysis of 2020 behavior to-date revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic seemed to have a dramatic effect on the engagement rates of emails sent by pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic companies. Metrics such as open rates have experienced a downturn from the initial spike early in the pandemic, but they remain elevated over previous years. DMD’s AIM® XR data, which monitors physician activity across 2,100-plus medical websites, also shows that COVID-19 continues to be a highly relevant and engaging topic among healthcare providers.

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Triggered Email Is Easier Than You Think

Jerrad Rickard, Senior Director of Product Management: Email

When healthcare marketers consider the merits of implementing a triggered email campaign, you can almost see the trepidation in their eyes.

Visions of a tangled web of “if this, then that,” confusing automations, and hard-to-understand metrics; all these cloud the reality of triggered email campaigns.

The truth is: triggered emails aren't as complicated as they appear. And, they really work.

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A Multichannel Marketing Approach Elevates U.S. News & World Report Ranking Potential

Andrew Munro, Senior Vice President, Healthcare

The events of 2020 not only reinforce the value of effective digital communications, they demand a digital intervention. When typical in-person encounters suddenly shift to digital exchanges, everyone has to pivot—and quickly.

This “new” digital reality is one we saw coming. Now that it’s here, it is time for healthcare marketers to embrace this moment and propel it into all the opportunities 2021 presents.

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Health System Updates on COVID-19: Your Patients Need to Hear from You

Andrew Munro, Senior Vice President, Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the world in varying ways. Even as some areas are seeing reduced rates of infection and health systems begin to “reopen,” there is a primary concern among consumers:

“Is it safe to go to the hospital if I’m sick? What about COVID-19?”

Many healthcare providers have growing concerns about patients who are delaying care out of fear. It’s a sentiment reflected by a Los Angeles billboard sent to us recently by a client: “Concerts are put on hold. Going to your doctor shouldn’t be.” 

More than anything, the patient community wants reassurance from reliable, authoritative sources—and hospital leadership can meet that demand with relevant, targeted patient and community email communications programs.

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Physician Email Holds Strong, Even In a Pandemic: A COVID Case Study

Jerrad Rickard, Senior Director of Product Management: Email

Over the last three months, hospitals and health systems have adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic on multiple levels—from turning tents into emergency rooms to exploring telehealth services. Throughout, they’ve had to communicate these changes to their healthcare professionals.

We took a step back to review how our clients have been using email during the pandemic to see if trends in communication might help them move into the next chapter in this worldwide disruption.

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[WEBINAR] One Digital Key To Rule Them All

David Reim, Chief Privacy Officer

Today, there is one critical factor for ensuring the digital multi-channel marketing strategy is effective: the email address. To truly engage healthcare providers wherever they are online, and deliver a consistent and engaging experience, marketers know they need an approach that incorporates many digital channels. It is equally important to deliver that experience to the right audience. 

On Wednesday, March 25, I’ll be presenting the webinar “One Digital Key to Rule Them All,” demonstrating how email addresses can help you achieve more in your multi-channel digital marketing. Read on for background on what I’ll be covering during this live event.

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How Well Do You Know Who’s On Your Target List?

Jerrad Rickard, Senior Director of Product Management: Email

If there’s one thing all marketers can agree on, healthcare or otherwise, it’s that email works. Even with other channels nipping at email’s heels, the statistics are there to support its effectiveness. It’s particularly valuable in healthcare, a notoriously difficult industry in which to communicate one-on-one with both physicians and patients.

But, there are caveats to email’s performance as a marketing tool. Namely, the quality of your email list.

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