Consent At Scale

Futureproof your HCP marketing

Not All Consent is Equal

Consent At Scale is a permission-based framework that supports effective digital engagement with healthcare professionals; now and in the future.

What is Consent At Scale - and Why is it Critical for Today's Healthcare Marketers?

The goal of every healthcare marketing plan should be to reach physicians where they work and live with messages they will engage with. To achieve this goal you need consented identity data for your healthcare professionals (HCPs). 

This next evolution of permission marketing is Consent At Scale, a consent-based framework designed to support effective digital engagement with HCPs, individually and across all marketing channels, and across other HCP datasets. By obtaining the right kind of permission from HCPs on a large scale, marketers can ensure that their campaigns launch effectively and without legal issues and complications due to changing technology platform requirements.

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You may be thinking, “I have an opted-in audience of HCPs”. However, not all consent is the same.

Consider this example: the consent language in one privacy policy may allow certain uses of identity data, whereas another privacy policy may not. When HCP identity data from multiple privacy policies is aggregated, you may know that you have an opt-in – but an opt-in for what exactly?

Without a consent framework designed with the needs of omnichannel in mind, your marketing efforts are at risk with not just data privacy legislation, but also the technology platforms used to engage target healthcare professional audiences.

The 5 Pillars of Consent At Scale

Consent At Scale is built on five strategic pillars that, combined, provide a powerful framework to aid marketers in their efforts to reach and engage with physicians and other HCPs.

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At least 90% of a target audience under a single privacy policy

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Physician-Level Data (PLD)

Permission to report on the activity of an identified individual

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Consistent Identity Data

Consistent identity data across all channels and business uses

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Omnichannel Consent

The same consent across all channels

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Stay ahead of legislative and technology changes


Put Consent At Scale to Work For Your Marketing

Consent At Scale ensures that marketers have permission to engage the majority of their audience, and that they have permission to report on those interactions through preferred digital channels. Reaching HCPs with permissions that cover all marketing channels and are compliant with all privacy regulations is critically important.

Consent At Scale is the best approach to futureproof your HCP digital marketing and ensure that you reach target audiences with messages that have impact. Contact us today to learn how to put Consent At Scale to work for your omnichannel strategy. 


Consent At Scale: Evolve or Perish

Futureproofing Your HCP Marketing

Now is the moment to expand on right physician, right message, right time — to include right permissions. Learn more about Consent At Scale.


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Consent At Scale: Evolve or Perish

Learn about the 5 pillars of Consent At Scale and how to futureproof your healthcare marketing against the impacts of technology and legislative upheavals, today and tomorrow. 

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