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DMD, an IQVIA Business, offers an HCP identity solution to enable direct targeting and measurement.

Accurate, Compliant Healthcare Identity

We are the only provider of healthcare identity data for prescribers and other healthcare professionals that is first-party sourced, opted in and deterministic, not probabilistic.

Using email as the most accurate digital identifier, we know when to target and which email address is preferred.

Compliant Healthcare Identity

The Highest Coverage of Healthcare Professionals in the U.S.

We deliver a winning combination with the largest database in the industry, over 90% of U.S. healthcare professionals, plus multiple, opted-in email addresses for each so you can unlock the best match rates for healthcare audience activation in programmatic advertising.

The Highest Coverage of Healthcare Professionals
Audience Creation: Limitless Customization

We can help you find your exact audience, whether you are starting from a target list or need to create a custom audience based on demographic, or behavior-based criteria.

Limitless Customization-1


We Make it Easy to Reach Your Healthcare Audiences

Our data is everywhere including all major DSPs, leading data onboarding and activation platforms, and healthcare-specific managed services platforms.
Our process is simple: send us your list or target criteria and we’ll handle the rest. Contact us to get started.
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Social Identity Solutions


Social Identity

DMD has the highest coverage of personal email addresses. Why does this matter? Physicians are more likely to use a personal email address to sign into social media accounts.