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Let data on physician engagement drive your next marketing program.

DMD is healthcare's #1 physician email database. We've accumulated benchmarks and best practices over 50,000 email campaigns, shared with you in this library of HCP marketing resources. Dig in!

Audience Identity Management

Pharma Marketers Digital Audience Identification

Take AIM Now: Six Ways Audience Identity Management Is Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Marketing

Knowing the exact identity of your website visitors presents previously-impossible marketing opportunities. Here are six real-world examples of the benefits of AIM.

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Healthcare Professional Data Audience Identity

HCP Audience Identity Management

MM&M's ebook reveals how new and innovative technology is helping healthcare marketers identify website visitors at the individual HCP level. No more guesswork or aggregated data. Now, marketers can communicate with website visitors like never before.

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Physician Identity Data

The Biggest Digital Marketing Innovation Since The Cookie

Do you hear it? The revolution is coming.

Let's face it: despite all the money you've invested in reaching physicians on the web, you have no idea who is showing up to your website or seeing your content. If 90% of your professional website visitors are consumers, how would you know?  What would your marketing plan look like if you knew the name, specialty, and NPI# of physician website visitors in real time?

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Healthcare Professional Data

Six Ways To Skyrocket Your Website Results

What's stopping your website from becoming the next gold standard?

Websites are good for your brand, but bad at identifying who comes to visit, and what they do there. 

Hear more about DMD's patent-pending technology that uses its authenticated, opted-in database to tag and track physicians who come to your site. Visitor insights, data driven content, ad optimization, and visit-triggered communication are now available.

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Data Products

Healthcare Provider Targeted Email

Own The Frontline Of Patient Care

Nurses are critical to patient care. Our authenticated nurse database lets you expand your marketing outreach to these influential HCPs.

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SHSMD 19 Recording - 300x388Cover


SHSMD 19: Behind the Scenes with Johns Hopkins

In this co-presentation at SHSMD 2019, Johns Hopkins and DMD provided in-depth coverage on how email - including the email address as digital identity - helps to achieve expanded reach among key physician audiences and greater personalization in marketing outreach.

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HHS ebook cover

Email Campaigns: A Best Practice Guide for Hospital Marketers

Email is an effective, measurable way to deliver your organization’s messages to the audiences who need them most. Build physician and consumer loyalty your health system needs to thrive by implementing successful email campaign best practices.

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When Bad Data Happens To Good Email

The cost of bad physician email data is more than financial. You also risk alienating physicians and putting yourself in a sticky compliance situation. A high-quality physician email list is key to a successful email campaign. Email marketing done right guarantees your message will reach and engage your target docs.

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[Infographic] DMD's Physician Database Helps Clinch Email Campaign Victories

Don't damage all the work you've done on an email campaign by pinching pennies on the list. A high-quality database helps you establish and maintain crucial physician relationships by clearly identifying the needs of target physicians and providing solutions.

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Healthcare Professional Digital Identity

Build Physician Loyalty & Increase Case Volume With Digital Solutions

For health systems, increasing case volume is a top priority. Gain insight on how digital marketing solutions can help build physician loyalty, increase referrals, and reduce out-migration.

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Implementation Basics For HCP Email

The best messaging and creative is meaningless if an email does not render across all devices and email platforms. Email coding techniques make all the difference.

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Physician Email List

For Physician Outreach, Email Is A Health System's Key To Success

Healthcare physicians prefer email for professional communication. Successful physician outreach demands a high-quality email database and a solid creative strategy. Learn how to reach physicians with relevant messages that drives results.  

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Email Campaign Metrics

This ebook considers recent trends in response data that will help boost your HCP email campaign performance. Explore emerging practices for getting more out of your open rates, click-through metrics, and mobile email implementation.

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Physician Precision Email Targeting

Making The Most Of U.S. News & World Report Rankings: A Health Systems Guide

Whether your hospital ranking is low, or you have great news to share, email is a powerful tool to help influence the decisions of referring physicians. Read rankings-related case studies in this ebook.

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MM&M Talks Email Authentication

A poorly conceived email is a serious compliance risk. Read MM&M's publication on the matter and get smarter.

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Strengthen Your Hospital Brand With Email

Learn to harness the unparalleled power of email to engage physicians and move your brand forward. This ebook discusses, among other things, promoting ancillary services to help stem out-migration and the advantages of a highly-targeted email database.

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Physician Email Database

Twelve Healthcare Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Now

When was the last time you introduced an eye-opening idea to support your brand?

How can you shape cross-channel marketing programs so the impact is exponential? Don’t fret! DMD is about to reward your ambition by sharing 12 cross-channel innovations in email that force you to think across marketing silos for the greater good.

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Healthcare Professional Precision Email Targeting

Precision Targeting In HCP Email

Email targeting today goes way beyond specialty or geography. Learn about advanced data techniques and behavioral insights to deepen analytics and improve response rates.

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Email Influence on Healthcare Professionals

Catch Us If You Can

The email channel has taken off. Has healthcare been left behind?

Email marketing has become the leading influence of digital outreach. Industries from retail to travel to financial services continue to evolve email optimization strategies that engage audiences and drive transactions, leaving healthcare in the dust with its head in the sand. How can you catch up?

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Physician Recruiting Strategy

Six Ways To Streamline Physician Recruitment

Qualified healthcare job candidates are at a premium. Our tip sheet shows you how to make your physician recruitment more productive.

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Making The Most Of Email Subject Lines

You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Consider character count, preheaders, A/B testing, and other tactics for making the most of your email subject lines.

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Nothing Tests Like Email

Email is a marketer's dream. It's so essential there's no excuse for not testing. Nail down the variables that work best so your next email campaign outperforms the last.

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What To Expect As A DMD Email Client

A DMD partnership generates much more than merely a list; it delivers email intelligence and execution, tailored for your company, your brands, and your marketing partners.

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Leveraging The Power Of Mobile – Email Design For The Mobile Channel

Extend the power of your marketing programs when you apply essential mobile design and implementation practices to your next HCP email campaign.

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The DMD Email Campaign Guidebook

Apply proven tactics in email campaign development. Learn more about target list refinement, what to look for in an authenticated email list, deployment tactics, and the ingredients that make an effective email design. 

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CME Targeted Email Marketing

Improve Your CME Registration In Six Steps

Do you know whether your website visitors are the physicians you want to reach? New technology can help healthcare marketers know the answer with precision. 

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High-quality Physician Email Database

Streamlining Med Device Dear Doctor Letters

By using a hybrid “email plus postal mail” approach to Dear Doctor letters, medical device companies can engage more physicians faster.

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Email Healthcare Marketing

Five Questions Most Email Providers Try To Dodge

Are your marketing emails being delivered to physicians and healthcare professionals? Ask your email provider these 5 questions.

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Healthcare Provider Email Engagement

Dear HCP Program

Reach more physicians, faster and at a lower cost, with our hybrid email-postal mail approach to Dear Doctor letters.

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Healthcare Professional Data Identity

How Pharma Marketers Are Using Audience Identity Technology

In 2017, audience identity technology gave pharma marketers the ability to identify the individual HCPs visiting their medical websites. This technology presents even greater opportunities for improving pharma marketing ROI in 2018. Get a closer  look at what’s already working for more than 200 pharma brands.

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HCP Data Email Outreach

New Insights For 2018 HCP Marketing Programs

Data technology identifying individual HCPs visiting your pharma website reveals previously unavailable marketing opportunities. The implications for digital marketing in 2018—including website content, email outreach, and advertising—are huge. Our latest ebook explains why.

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