Audience Identity Manager XR

Digital Behavior Data

Unrivaled Insights

AIM XR is the ONLY technology capturing digital behavior data across 4,000+ medical partner websites.

AIM XR Triggered Engagements

Smarter HCP Engagement

Deliver targeted, next-best messages based on the relevant digital actions of your healthcare customers and prospects. AIM XR is a smart engagement solution with triggers based on digital prescriber interactions with website pages and relevant medical content. AIM XR Triggered Engagements can drive email and digital media campaigns, or trigger offline events, such as a call center feed or sales rep alert.

AIM XR Triggered Engagements-3-1

The Difference is in the Data

Traditional triggered programs rely on aggregate data and employ broad segmentation models that assume every healthcare professional in the segment is the same. By comparison, AIM XR Triggered Engagements use proprietary data to activate marketing programs based on the digital actions of targeted HCPs.


Data Analysis and Insights

Expand knowledge of your target physician audience to:

  • Inform and optimize segmentation
  • Better align a physician’s needs with a brand journey
  • Guide content strategy and creation
  • Identify new leads
Automated Intelligence Tool Kit for Multi-Channel Marketing


Automated Intelligence Tool Kit-1

AIM contextual segments for programmatic advertising and social media targeting   Next-best message and channel based on digital interactions with relevant content, and more   Site personalization with dynamic content and pages
Intelligence for Sales Representatives

Empower your field force with real-time insights about the physicians they engage with daily.

  • Incorporate AIM XR data feeds directly into your CRM
  • Import content insights into CRM
  • Employ rep-triggered emails