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WOD_ May HHS Newsletters


Don't Ghost Your Physicians: Leverage Hospital eNewsletters for Continuous Engagement

Email is a vital part of a physician engagement strategy. It’s also central to reputation- and relationship-building needs.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to provide ongoing support to physicians - whether in times of pandemic or not.

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WOD_ Email 101_ What HM Need to Know About coding

Email 101: What Healthcare Marketers Need to Know About Coding

Good code is critical to effective email. And while we don’t believe all healthcare marketers need to know HTML, understanding the implications code – good or bad – can have on email is invaluable. This webinar addresses these implications.

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WOD_ Feb Data Privacy Update


Data Privacy Update for Healthcare

CCPA went into effect January 1, 2020. This  is only the beginning of data privacy laws in the United States. Not only are there challenges arising with CCPA, data privacy legislation being introduced in other states and at the federal level continue to advance towards approval.

Watch this on-demand webinar to see how data privacy laws are currently affecting healthcare marketers.

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One Digital Key to Rule Them All

Authenticated physician email addresses ensure marketers can reach and engage their exact target audiences.

Those same email addresses can also serve as the digital key for other marketing channels, such as social media and programmatic advertising. Join this webinar to learn how this digital key can help you reach your strategic marketing goals.

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WOD_ Email 101_ Good Bad Ugly of Email Design


Email 101: The Good, Bad and Ugly of Email Design

Email design incorporates so much more than “look and feel.” In this webinar, DMD experts will show you the difference between what works and what doesn’t in modern email design.

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WOD_ Email 101- Content is King


Email 101: Content is King

Content determines whether or not your target healthcare audience engages with you. If you don’t have good content, healthcare providers won’t find value in your emails – and possibly even your organization or brand.

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WOD Email 101_ Why You Need an Email Strategy – and How to Build One


Email 101: Why You Need an Email Strategy and How to Build One

A successful email campaign starts with a thought-out and thoughtful strategy. Whether you’re looking for practical information on how to develop an email strategy or rationale to advance the need for strategy within your organization, you’ll find valuable takeaways in this webinar.

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Decoding Physician

Decoding The Digital Physician: Separating Fact From Fiction

Do you know what sites individual physicians frequent on a regular basis? Do you know their content preferences? Find out how physician-level data can be used to optimize existing and new marketing strategies.

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Obstacles and Innovations

Obstacles and Innovations: What's Changed for Email Marketing in 2019 webinar?

Successful email marketing is achieved by striking a balance between the obstacles and innovations constantly disrupting the channel- and there are plenty. With the rapidly evolving email marketing landscape, email marketers need to adapt and adopt quickly.

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Data Privacy

Data Privacy Legislation Picking Up Speed: State and Federal Update

Consumer data privacy legislation is rapidly changing. Find out the current state of consumer data privacy and the impact to healthcare marketers. The risks and financial implications are too great to not be prepared.

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Email Deliverability

Email Deliverability: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

Email campaign success involves a strategy that ensures you’re sending to valid and accurate addresses. If you want to achieve high deliverability, a quality email database is a non-negotiable.

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The Countdown Starts NOW: How Will CCPA Affect You?

One non-compliant email to 10,000 California physicians could generate $25 million in fines. Find out how to protect your brand and avoid the potential for substantial financial consequences.

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This Is Your Email Marketing Intervention!

Tailored specifically for hospital strategists and marketers, this webinar discusses email marketing best practices, including new laws that could affect you sooner than you think.

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