On-demand webinar Don't Ghost Your Physicians: Leverage Hospital eNewsletters for Continuous Engagement

Do you send physician eNewsletters quarterly or even less often? Do you only send emails during the ramp up to the U.S. News & World Report survey? Or, in light of COVID-19, have you stopped sending emails to physicians altogether?

As you know, your physicians are still trying to treat and support patients during the pandemic; they still need the valuable information hospitals can provide them.

Email is a vital part of a physician engagement strategy. It’s also central to reputation- and relationship-building needs. When you “go silent” for long periods of time, physicians may be left feeling that hospitals only engage with them when the hospital wants something.


  • Results from hospital marketing campaigns and COVID -19 related communications from leading hospitals
  • Email performance data: effective versus ineffective hospital eNewsletter programs
  • The right amount of content, and where to get it (Hint: you probably have a lot more content than you think)
  • Leverage peer engagement to build successful, relevant, and timely content
  • Focus on building relationships with physicians through email can impact your U.S. News & World Report ranking

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