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DMD, an IQVIA Business, uses identity-based marketing solutions and services to support omnichannel initiatives

Precision Marketing Founded on True IdentitySM

The core of our business is healthcare identity data. Our True IdentitySM email address data is first-party sourced, opted-in, and verified for accuracy, ensuring you reach the exact physician, nurse practitioner, or oncologist you need with your critical messages.
True IdentitySM

Enterprise HCP Data Consistency—Quality, Consent, Targeting, and Measurement

Our experts deliver products and services to meet your specific marketing needs:

  • Identify Your Targets. With the largest database of U.S. healthcare audiences, we can match your target list or build a custom audience based on preferred reference criteria.
  • Reach Your Audience. Email marketing, programmatic advertising, social media marketing – we can activate your audience across digital channels.
  • Engage HCPs. Better Engagement starts with better data. Learn how we can enhance and strengthen your engagement strategies.
Enterprise HCP Data Consistency-1

Audience Identity Manager® (AIM) XR for HCP Insights

DMD’s AIM XR. The ONLY technology available that can identify engagement activity within an ecosystem of over 2,500 medical partner websites to identify influential content and market trends
Audience Identity Manager

A Data Partner You Can Trust

Our database is founded on the most rigorous consent management practices; our data is regulatory compliant, and we consistently pass privacy reviews with flying colors.
A Data Partner You Can Trust

What is True Identity?

DMD’s True IdentitySM data elevates your precision healthcare marketing, essential to reaching and engaging your healthcare audiences effectively. See how True IdentitySM can deliver the difference you need in your marketing efforts.

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