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Email Addresses for Healthcare Professionals

We Can Help You Reach Your Audience

DMD, an IQVIA Business, maintains the largest, fully authenticated database of healthcare prescriber and provider (HCP) email addresses. With more than 5 million active and addressable contacts covering 2 million HCPs, we can help you reach your exact target audience.

Your Success Starts with the Best Data

DMD is the ONLY healthcare identity data company that is:

  • 100% first-party sourced, opted-in and authenticated. All data is obtained directly from HCPs, and authenticated for accuracy through a multi-step verification process.
  • Ethically sourced. We NEVER scrape or manufacture. All our email addresses are permission-based.
  • Privacy safe. DMD email addresses are data privacy and regulatory compliant.
  • Higher performing. DMD's email data is opted-in, privacy safe, and consistently produces higher match rates for superior multi-channel marketing performance.

Dedicated Email Delivery Solutions for Healthcare Marketers

Sender Reputation is Priority #1!

Our Deployment Services are uniquely positioned to overcome challenges around deliverability. Email providers use sender reputation to assess risk – the better the score, the more likely an email is to reach an inbox. We use our team’s deep expertise to manage sender reputation and ensure your emails land where they’re supposed to: your target’s inbox.

Delivery Infrastructure Leads to Your Success

Successful delivery of your email is more than just sender reputation. Modern email deployment requires a sophisticated infrastructure of IP addresses and sending domains to ensure your emails are consistently recognized and accepted by email providers. Our reputation for quality, targeted email means that DMD has been heavily “whitelisted” by most major hospitals guaranteeing delivery of your email to their physicians.

Our People are Email Scientists

Email deliverability requires more than technology. Our dedicated team of email scientists have decades of experience with healthcare email deployment and is highly qualified to:

  • Monitor all email sends for sender scores, blacklists and inbox placement
  • Maintain strategic partnerships with leading email service providers platforms deliverability teams
  • Provide 24/7 send and delivery support

Triggered Email

Your High-Value Message is Sent When it’s Needed the Most

We use data to trigger emails specific to your objectives, helping healthcare marketers realize the promise of right HCP, right time, right message. Triggered email programs often have double the open rate of traditional email sends, leading to better engagement and ROI.

Creative Services – Healthcare Email Designed Better

We build optimal email campaigns based on what works for your target audience. At any stage of the email marketing lifecycle, our email scientists can deliver:

• Email strategy and planning • Email programming and testing
• Communication strategy and content development • Best-of-class deployment
• Visual and interactive design • Reporting and analysis

We have decades of experience supporting the email needs of pharma brands, hospitals and health systems, and other healthcare organizations, so we understand the industry expectations and market trends.

Self-Service Email Portal – Take Control of Your Email Campaigns

Manage, Deploy, and Report on Your Email Campaigns at Your Convenience

DMD’s Self-Service Email Portal is a cloud-based email deployment solution built for the needs of today’s healthcare marketer. The portal is uniquely structured to take advantage of DMD’s top tier deliverability platform, with support from our email scientists, while offering the freedom to deploy email campaigns at your convenience.