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Direct Social Activation for HCP Audiences


We deliver the ONLY acceptable identity token for social media marketing: first-party, opted-in, and verified email data.

DMD, an IQVIA Business, Has the Highest Quality HCP Identity Database

Our True IdentitySM database — the industry's largest HCP identity database — is founded on the principle that the email address is the best unique digital identifier for healthcare professionals. Our data is not self-declared, lookalike or probabilistic. We are the ONLY provider of healthcare professional identity data that is first-party sourced, opted-in and deterministic.

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Extend Your Audience to Expand Social Campaign Reach

DMD delivers the largest email address database in the industry, with over 90% of U.S. healthcare providers. On average, we maintain 4 email addresses per HCP and can customize audience selection based on prescription, claims, clinical indication, web behavior and more. We make digital healthcare advertising easy. Contact us today to learn more about Social Identity.

Extend Your Audience


Our Approach

DMD's social approach has always been direct onboarding and activation. We load our first-party, opted-in HCP data directly onto relevant social platforms, without going through a third-party, to avoid audience inflation by way of device or household identity graphs.
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Limitless Customization

We can help you find your exact audience, whether you are starting from a target list or need to create a custom audience based on a wide array of demographic or behavior-based criteria

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