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We’re not here to tell you how smart we are
We’re here to show you how smart you can be

DMD is a pioneer in healthcare digital communications and connectivity.

DMD provides the next generation in digital engagement with healthcare professionals. 

DMD clients have access to the only authenticated database available that can reach, track, and respond to the dynamic digital behavior of fully opted-in physicians and NP/PA prescribers. Through this database, pharmaceutical marketers, medical marketing agencies, publishers, hospitals, CME organizations, and healthcare recruiters have digital access to more than 90% of physicians with email addresses and real-time data that unlocks precision targeting and engagement capabilities across the most influential healthcare audiences.

In step with fast-paced digital marketing to healthcare professionals, we bring focus and clarity to digital outreach and data overload.

Our mission is to share the proven in-market best practices that deliver competition-winning programs. We integrate digital communication with the total vision of your business in a way that makes perfect sense.

Our secret sauce: the super-charged email channel for healthcare professionals.

Data drives DMD’s approach to the email channel at every phase.

Together, we exploit the best possible data for each campaign, generate new data, and mine it for new insights that drive your business results. DMD applies innovative techniques and strategies through all phases of email campaign development and deployment. Ultimately, DMD will make you the smartest person in the room with the smartest emails in the inbox.

And smart doesn’t stop here.

We are always asking ourselves: What’s next? When DMD is at the table, we provoke your perspective. We challenge you with new information. Interpret ordinary data in extraordinary ways. We’ll hold your hand when you need it, chase you around the block when you slow down, and shape undifferentiated data into powerful applications that get results.

We’re high-tech and high touch in equal measure–not just tech-savvy, but people-smart. We bring a human face to digital intelligence.

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