A Healthcare Identity company

Pioneering Precision Healthcare Communication and Connectivity

We Take Data Seriously

DMD, an IQVIA Business, is the only provider of healthcare data that is first-party sourced, 100% opted-in, and privacy and regulatory compliant. Our authenticated database analyzes dynamic digital behavior via True IdentitySM to optimize understanding and reach of your target audience.

With access to the right data, pharmaceutical marketers, medical marketing agencies, publishers, hospitals and health systems, CME organizations, and healthcare recruiters have digital access to more than 90% of physicians (plus NPs, PAs, Nurses and more) with email addresses and real-time data that unlocks targeting and engagement capabilities across the most influential healthcare audiences.

We Build on Smart Everyday

We’re not just tech-savvy, we’re people smart. We bring a human face to digital intelligence and work collaboratively with our clients to achieve team success. Our email scientists have decades of experience in digital and healthcare marketing and we use this expertise to consistently innovate, interpreting data in new and exciting ways.

We Help You Achieve Precision Marketing

Your success is our success. Our solutions are tailored to your goals, helping you attain effective precision marketing campaigns in the digital space. Our mission is to apply our proven in-market best practices to your digital communication programs with the total vision of your business in a way that makes perfect sense.

DMD Leadership

Our Leadership

The DMD Management Team is comprised of leaders with decades of experience in healthcare technology, strategy, and marketing.