On-demand webinar Obstacles and Innovations: What's Changed for Email Marketing in 2019

Obstacles and Innovations
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Obstacles and InnovationsAdhering to traditional email “best practices” is not enough as new information and changes  - both positive and negative - have already been made in email marketing just this year.

Webmail providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL, have all instituted filter updates, favoring social emails over email sender reputation. This shift has made it even more difficult for companies to get promotional emails in front of their target audiences.

While there’s obstacles to ensuring favorable deliverability, there’s also been advancements in identifying physicians’ preferences to increase the likelihood of high-quality engagement with your target audiences.


This webinar will discuss:

  • Changes made by email service providers (ESPs), causing critical interruptions to today’s email campaign
  • Finding the right balance of email in the current landscape—identifying when your campaign is not delivering enough, or delivering too much
  • How to incorporate both existing and new strategies to improve the visibility of your email
  • Innovations healthcare marketers need to take note of, such as Send Time Optimization



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