On-Demand Webinar Denied: Inbox Deliverability Challenges and HCP Email

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Copy of 2020_Webinar_October_DMD Webinar Resource Page ImageThe best way to reach more of your target physicians is to ensure your email gets to their inbox. Email deliverability is a volatile, constantly evolving environment requiring artful maneuvering in order to achieve optimal deliverability. One week, your emails can achieve a 99% deliverability rate to target HCPs and the following week everything goes to the spam folder.

But in order to ensure your message even has a chance of reaching your target HCPs, your email needs to land in their inbox. Achieving the best deliverability to HCP targets requires you to know what you can and cannot do before clicking “send:” and delivering content that includes necessary medical information can have its own unique factors that require additional understanding.

In 2020, we sent 120 million HCP emails. In this webinar, we'll share our key learnings on inbox deliverability challenges when sending email to HCPs.

In this webinar, two of DMD's email scientists will discuss:

  • Complexities of HCP email inbox deliverability
  • What might impact deliverability (hint: it can be more than one thing or it could be one very small thing)
  • Differentiating factors that make sending email to HCPs a unique science
  • Key learnings from our email team when navigating consumer platforms like Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, and Outlook

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