On-demand webinar Email Deliverability: What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You

Email Deliverability
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Email Deliverability (Feb) (1)The success of your email campaign requires a strategy that begins long before you hit the “send” button.

Regardless of whether you’re targeting physicians or patients, the practices - and challenges - remain the same.

A high quality email database is the most important factor to achieving high deliverability. Sending messages to invalid or inaccurate email addresses is not only a waste of time, money, and resources, but will ultimately destroy your sender reputation.

This webinar will delve into:

  • Definitions of the key elements of deliverability, from sender reputation to spam avoidance, and more.
  • Where organizations can get in trouble – from simple oversights to big mistakes
  • Gmail - strategies to get past inbox filtering
  • Overcoming delivery challenges at medical institutions
  • Tools that can monitor and measure your deliverability success

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