On-Demand Webinar HCP Email Spoiler Alert: You Have to Deal with Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook
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2021_Webinar_March_DMD Webinar Resource Page ImageDelivering email to Microsoft Outlook inboxes is complicated, but when sending emails to physicians, addressing Outlook deliverability needs to be an important element in your email strategy.

While some physicians use consumer inbox providers like Gmail and Yahoo!, others use their professional email for correspondence – meaning you’ll have to deliver to Outlook inboxes one way or another if you don’t want to forfeit opportunities to engage with a significant segment of your target lists. Knowing the best practices for managing sends to Outlook inboxes helps ensure that your email is delivered to your target audience.

Additionally, Outlook will implement new changes beginning in 2022.In this webinar, we'll discuss:

  • Discuss the challenges of sending email to Outlook inboxes – it’s complicated, unique, no fun, but can’t be ignored
  • Overview why sending to Outlook is sometimes the most appropriate way to send your message to physicians
  • Provide an overview of the changes that are on the horizon for Outlook and how it will impact HCP email deliveries

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