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Consent at Scale
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All leading healthcare marketers are only using contact and identity data that has been obtained with consent (i.e. opted-in). However, not all consent is the same.

In today’s landscape of regulatory and technology data privacy initiatives, having the right kind of consent will be key, both today and down the road. Now is the moment for right message, right time, right healthcare professional (HCP), and right permissions. Consent at Scale is the solution to achieve permission-based marketing throughout an HCP’s digital journey.

In our next webinar, David Reim will discuss HCP Consent at Scale including a focus on:

  • Drivers behind the permission-based data movement
  • Why all consent is not the same
  • Defining HCP Consent at Scale and the five pillars that support this concept
  • How leading healthcare marketers are adopting Consent at Scale for their 2022 digital efforts


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