On-Demand Webinar Webinar: This Is Your Email Marketing Intervention!

Will your next hospital email campaign sink or swim?

Will your next email campaign sink or swim?
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will your next email campaign sink or swim?

Do you have what you need to create successful email campaigns leading up to the U.S. News Best Hospital survey? Have you kept up with the new U.S. laws that affect email marketing?

Listen to this webinar-on-demand, as DMD’s Director of Email Development, Jerrad Rickard, discusses email marketing best practices, including new laws that could affect you on January 1, 2019.

Tailored specifically for hospital strategists and marketers, this webinar will explore:

  • What makes email such an effective channel to physicians and consumers
  • Elements of a successful email campaign and how to implement them
  • New U.S. data privacy laws that affect email marketing

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