On-demand webinar Why You Need an Email Strategy and How to Build One

Email 101 for Healthcare Marketers

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WOD Email 101_ Why You Need an Email Strategy – and How to Build OneA successful email campaign starts with a thought-out and thoughtful strategy.

Email seems simple - we interact with email every single day in our personal and work lives. So there is often an expectation for healthcare marketers that an email or email campaign can be developed and deployed easily.

But successful emails all start at the same place: strategy. 

By attending this webinar, you’ll come away with practical information on how to build an email strategy – and how to implement it,

View this on-demand webinar to learn:

• Why you need an email strategy, no matter how big or small the campaign
• The questions you need to answer before you begin
• The impact of content, segmentation and cadence on the email strategy
• How testing, redeployments and reengagement come into play

Our Email 101 Series for Healthcare Marketers draws from our Healthcare Email Best Practices training workshop delivered to more than 60 clients across hospitals and health systems, pharma companies and medical associations, and more than 20 agencies in the last two years.


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