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Insights and Predictions for 2022 HCP Email Marketing

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The last year continued to challenge healthcare marketers in their efforts to deliver effective email campaigns to healthcare professionals (HCPs). The COVID-19 pandemic, the data privacy movement, and Apple’s iOS 15 all had a significant impact on email.

Putting Data Into Practice analyzes data from the 154 million emails sent to HCPs in 2021 and provides healthcare marketers with benchmarks, insights, and key learnings to guide their planning and execution of email marketing.

Based on expert research and analysis from our email scientists, this report:

  • Assesses the technology and pandemic-related upheavals of 2021
  • Analyzes the top email performance metrics, including open rates, click rates, and read rates
  • Explores deliverability and inbox challenges
  • Predicts email marketing trends for 2022 and beyond
This annual report on the state of HCP email marketing covers the trends and insights needed to support successful email strategies and campaigns in the year ahead and beyond. Download now.

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Putting Data Into Practice: Insights & Predictions for 2022 HCP Email Marketing