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Physician Email Holds Strong, Even In a Pandemic: A COVID Case Study

Jerrad Rickard, Director of Product Management: Email

Over the last three months, hospitals and health systems have adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic on multiple levels—from turning tents into emergency rooms to exploring telehealth services. Throughout, they’ve had to communicate these changes to their healthcare professionals.

We took a step back to review how our clients have been using email during the pandemic to see if trends in communication might help them move into the next chapter in this worldwide disruption.

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DMD Engineer Provides Global Solution for 1.6 Million Weekly Download Open Source Library

Sarah B. Brown, Director of Marketing

At DMD, problem-solving is at our core. Our suite of data products solves the marketing challenges our healthcare clients routinely encounter.

Like any progressive technology company, we run into our software engineering challenges which require creative solutions. Using resources like open source libraries allows us to leverage the collective knowledge and experience of both engineers and programmers who serve the broader community. It’s a valuable go-to; but unfortunately, those libraries occasionally have issues of their own.

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DMD Pharma Innovators Series: Jane Portman, SVP, General Manager – Merkle Health

Edith Hodkinson, Chief of Digital Strategy

I recently spoke with Jane Portman, SVP, General Manager, Merkle Health, to discuss new sales and marketing trends within the pharmaceutical industry--particularly a focus on an increasing “virtual” space in which sales reps are forced to operate. We also talked about why 1:1 marketing is even more critical for pharma brands now, and will be in the future.

The full text of our conversation is below.

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[Webinar] Obstacles and Innovations: What's Changed for Email Marketing in 2019

Jerrad Rickard, Director of Product Management: Email

As we look towards the second half of 2019 and beyond, it’s important to look back at some of the changes—both positive and negative—that have already been made in email marketing just this year. Even if you’ve been adhering to traditional “best practices,” this new information requires a thorough review of your digital marketing tactics.


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[Webinar] Decoding The Digital Physician: Separating Fact From Fiction

Sarah B. Brown, Director of Marketing

Capturing the attention of your physician audience is no easy feat, especially with digital communication increasing every day. It’s difficult to cut through this noise to deliver your message. The best way to reach your audience is to understand their needs – and tailor your outreach to those needs. Today, more than ever, physician-level data is critical to effectively reach and engage your targets.

In our next webinar on July 17, Edith Hodkinson, Chief of Digital Strategy, will unravel some notions about the “digital physician” to demonstrate why it’s so important for marketers to separate fact from fiction when strategizing ways to communicate with and engage healthcare professionals. In preparation for the webinar, I sat down with Edith to explore some of the topics she’ll be discussing.

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Wishing All Healthcare Marketers Great Success In 2019

Roger Korman, President

The New Year is about change. People make resolutions to lose those stubborn 10 pounds or quit French fries. Some vow to spend more time with family and less time in the office. It’s a new day, a new dawn, as the song says. Of course, we tend to keep the good things in our lives as the calendar turns—those things which we can rely on and are familiar with.

As marketing professionals, you know what you need to change and what you need to keep in your mix. Email is a keeper, with its high potential for targeted reach and deep engagement.  

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Aligning Hospital Marketers And Healthcare Staffers: A Message From Santa And His Elves

Lisa Killion

Health system CEOs have a substantial undertaking. Given the current spirit of the holiday season, you might compare a CEO to a certain jolly fellow in the North Pole and the great responsibility that accompanies his role.

Of course, Santa’s advantage is that he has all those extra helpers. If you’ve ever seen Elf or a similar holiday movie, you know his elves are efficient, productive, and happy. To quote Will Ferrell’s character, “Smiling’s my favorite.” And, elves are always aligned in mission—something not always possible for hospital marketing and healthcare staffing departments, given their varying responsibilities.

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Key Takeaways From A Year Of Hospital Conferences

Andrew Munro, Senior Vice President, Healthcare

Healthcare conferences typically draw a wide range of marketing experts, and this year was no exception. We heard many of these experts speak across numerous events: presenting on the changing scope of hospital marketing, the role of digital strategists, and the promise email offers within the competitive physician recruitment landscape.

While all of the conferences we attended in 2018 provided great insights, a few of them rose to the top with regards to quality, depth, and applicability.

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Top 10 Blogs For Healthcare Marketers In 2018

Andrew Munro, Senior Vice President, Healthcare

This year was filled with a number of significant developments for healthcare marketers. The rising demand to respect individual privacy rights dominated conversations surrounding digital marketing, as did the increasing importance of using data-driven email marketing tools to increase physician engagement and retention.

Our most popular 2018 blogs covered many of these issues. Here’s a quick look.

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[Video] Email Campaign Results

Jerrad Rickard, Director of Product Management: Email

The rise of digital communications means our inboxes are fuller than ever. Think back to the overwhelm of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when it seemed every single entity you’d ever given your email address to (and maybe some you didn’t) was emailing with some sort of offer. While those are exceptionally frantic days, using email as a regular means of communication will continue to grow.

How can you ensure your emails stand out in your healthcare providers’ overflowing inboxes? It starts with providing valueDoing so will condition your physicians to recognize your messages as important and worthwhile.

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