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How To Provide An Optimal CX For Physicians (And Patients)

Andrew Munro, Senior Vice President, Healthcare

In healthcare marketing, you’re always looking ahead. Learning from past strategies, whether successful or not, is crucial for ensuring the effectiveness of future programs. This is exactly what a panel of 19 marketing experts had in mind when they contributed to an infographic predicting what they believe to be the top concerns for brands in 2019.

Not surprisingly, the concept of customer experience (CX) rose to the top. Healthcare marketers are increasingly tuned in to the fact that the “end user,” be that a physician within your health system or a potential patient in your community, wants to be treated like a human—not an inbox. To up the ante, your target audience members also don’t want to be seen as a stranger; they need to believe you value their time and interests and will provide personalized content that fulfills that desire.

The key in achieving this level of human-to-human personalization—and resulting trust—lies in the quality and depth of your data.

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DMD Pharma Innovators Series: Serge Loncar, CareSpeak

David Reim, Chief Privacy Officer

Serge Loncar started CareSpeak in 2011, guided by the belief that the mobile phone, as the most personal accessory, will play an increasingly important role in managing one's health. Prior to starting CareSpeak, Serge was the President of Songbird Hearing, the manufacturer and marketer of the first disposable over-the-counter hearing aid. Prior to that, he headed up strategic business development at, which was acquired by Bertelsmann AG. Serge also held numerous domestic and international brand marketing and sales positions at Johnson & Johnson health care and medical device divisions, and Pepsi Cola International in the USA and Europe. Serge received his MBA from New York University's Stern Business School after immigrating from Croatia.

For DMD’s Pharma Innovators Series, David Reim spoke with Serge Loncar, Founder and CEO of CareSpeak Communications, about the value in today’s marketplace of providing patients with an effortless way to manage their health using an advanced SMS platform like CareSpeak. This approach helps to achieve better outcomes by engaging patients and caregivers, improving medication compliance, and assisting with care coordination.

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How Email Can Help Stop A Health System’s Internal Runaway Train

Christopher Lee, Chief Commercial Officer, Healthcare

Patients and their family members associate hospitals and health systems with health care and advancing wellness. So, when an unexpected regression in that care occurs, it’s a disconcerting experience. No one wants to leave the hospital in poorer health than when they arrived—or worse, not leave at all.

Unfortunately, errors, accidents, injuries, and infections are all internal complications health systems must consider. The good news is health systems have an effective tool with which to immediately address internal issues before they turn into a runaway train. That tool is email.

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Let’s Get Visual: 6 Steps To Reach The Right Pharma Audience

Jerrad Rickard, Director of Product Management: Email

Suppose you’re responsible for email marketing for an established pharma brand with a breast cancer indication. Which of the following metrics would you rather see? Click-throughs from:

  • 1,000 physicians across all specialties
  • 500 pediatric oncologists
  • 100 medical oncologists
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Deliver An Effective Customer Experience: Send HCPs Only Relevant, Timely Emails

Jerrad Rickard, Director of Product Management: Email

Blog-01.11.2018-639045124.jpgIn the first installment of our “Customer Experience” (CX) series, we discussed the importance of creating a seamless CX for HCPs visiting your website. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can use email to supplement details gleaned from their online behavior.

Retail has done a fair job of observing customer browsing patterns online and following up on interest. If you’ve added something to your virtual cart but not completed the checkout process, chances are you’ll get an email sometime within the next 24 hours reminding you of that very fact. Retailers also trigger emails suggesting other products you might like based on previous purchases.

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Want More Clicks? Design Emails Physicians Will Read

David Reim, Chief Privacy Officer

“If you build it, he will come.”

This iconic quote from the movie Field of Dreams can be interpreted in many ways, which is likely why it’s so memorable.

The premise is simple: provide a desirable opportunity, and you’ll be rewarded. In terms of email marketing, studies prove this depiction: “If they read it, they will click.”

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How Multichannel Marketing Turns Physician Recruits Into New Hires

Tighe Blazier, Chief Commercial Officer, Healthcare Communications

Healthcare recruiters are driven by a few basic imperatives: find the best candidates for the job, engage those doctors’ interest, and fill every open position as soon as possible. These days, if you don’t close the deal with a qualified candidate fast, someone else will.

To turn the competition for top talent in your favor, a multichannel marketing strategy is often your best bet.

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Quality Over Quantity: What Pharma Marketers Need To Know About Databases in Q3

Roger Korman, President

When it comes to quality vs. quantity, quality wins out in almost every instance.

Which would you prefer:

  • A gourmet slice of cake or 10 Twinkies®?
  • A roll of plush toilet paper or 10 rolls akin to sandpaper?
  • A luxury car or a fleet of potential lemons?

Deploying an email to thousands of HCPs has no merit if the message is irrelevant to half (or more) of the group.

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Healthcare Digital Marketing: 3 Trends To Watch In Q3

Christopher Lee, Chief Commercial Officer, Healthcare

This year I’ve had the opportunity to attend a number of healthcare conferences around the country. Every healthcare organization has its own goals and challenges. Still, some common themes have emerged from my conversations with hospital marketers, recruiters, and CME planners.

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Using Email to Reframe U.S. News & World Report Rankings

Christopher Lee, Chief Commercial Officer, Healthcare

Does it ever feel like your health system lives and dies by the national hospital rankings? U.S. News & World Report and Healthgrades carry a lot of weight with patients, and often with physicians as well. This is great if your hospital or service line makes the top 10, but many excellent hospitals never earn a spot on that list.

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