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Top 3 Hospital Marketing Must-Dos: Your 2019 Checklist

Andrew Munro

In 2018, hospital marketers faced a number of challenges. Attracting—and retaining—referrals, building physician loyalty, and growing service lines are always top of mind for hospital marketers. As we head into the new year, the goal of maintaining top marks on the U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals list takes center stage.

The good news is, a responsible email approach is an effective way to address these challenges. As 2019 inches closer by the minute, keep these three things at the top of your hospital marketing checklist:

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Why Email Should Be A Cornerstone Of Your Physician Communication Strategy

Christopher Lee, Chief Commercial Officer, Healthcare

A healthcare marketer I met with recently happened to mention that one limitation with his organization’s traditional physician marketing campaigns is that there’s no way to identify who they reach.  There’s also no easy way to measure the impact of these projects to tell if they lead to physician referrals.

With the increasing emphasis on marketers to prove their worth, I pointed out the value of adding email marketing to complement his organization’s broader physician communications strategy.

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Why Precision Targeting Matters In Physician And Consumer Email Marketing

Jerrad Rickard, Director of Product Management: Email

With winter right around the corner, skiing is a popular sport. Most ski resorts offer different trails to meet the needs of skiers with different levels of expertise. Healthcare marketers can take a similar approach to navigating the slippery slope of email marketing by tailoring their messages for different audiences.

The Importance of Precision Targeting

There are many types of skiers with different skill levels. Similarly, there are many types of physicians and patients with different needs and interests. Just as you wouldn’t send a beginner skier down the black diamond slope, you also wouldn’t want to send an email with physician CME opportunities to non-physician audiences.

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Use Physician Email To Feed Your Health System

Jerrad Rickard, Director of Product Management: Email

Pizza night in my house can get pretty competitive. Everyone hovers around the table, ready to dive in for a slice, wanting to grab their share before anyone else gets it. In some ways, this reminds me of how healthcare organizations today compete for the limited attention of physicians in order to build and strengthen relationships, increase referrals, and ultimately grow their systems.

Personalization Matters

But just as there are different pizza toppings for different tastes, not all physicians will have the same needs. For health systems then, the need to tailor their messages to specific physicians is key, especially when trying to engage the physicians with the greatest potential to bring in more business. One way to start tailoring your communications is by segmenting your physician database.

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Will Your Email Campaign Sink Or Swim?

Jerrad Rickard, Director of Product Management: Email

It’s a rare occasion to find solutions that are cost-conscious, highly effective, and fast-acting. One attribute is typically sacrificed for another. In healthcare marketing, email is that very thing—encompassing all of these positive traits.

One of the reasons email works so well is because it is physicians’ preferred messaging channel. Seventy-three percent of physicians report email as their top choice for communication. If you expect to succeed in reaching and engaging physicians, email should be a cornerstone in your marketing mix.

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SHSMD 2018: Drive Home The Benefits Of Physician Email

Christopher Lee, Chief Commercial Officer, Healthcare

When you’re driving to a new destination, you likely put the address in your GPS and let it guide you using the most efficient and direct route. Yet when it comes to your physician marketing efforts, if you aren’t using email to communicate, you’re not taking the best route to drive your messages home.

Many health systems overlook the value email provides to converse with their healthcare providers. Without this important vehicle, your messages may be getting stalled on the information highway.

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Don't Stop Communicating Once U.S. News Rating Season Is Over

Christopher Lee, Chief Commercial Officer, Healthcare

Limbo doesn’t always have to resonate as a bad spot to be in, especially when the outcome is out of your control. You can’t do anything to change it, so the resulting downtime presents the opportunity for a welcome break. However, this “intermission” doesn’t mean you can kick back and let all responsibilities rest.

The U.S. News Best Hospital surveys have been collected and the data is being compiled. With the results not scheduled to be released until later this summer, it’s to be determined whether you make the grade (or not). Yet, this is not the time to neglect communicating your health system’s strengths to physicians within your network—or even those outside your network.

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When Your Physician Email List Gives You Lemons, It’s Hard To Make Lemonade

Jerrad Rickard, Director of Product Management: Email

We all know what you do when life gives you lemons. The extent to how tasty the resulting lemonade is depends on what other ingredients you have at your disposal. Straight lemon juice is sour-tasting at best, not to mention the number it does on the stomach. But, if you have water, sugar, and ice, it becomes far more palatable. Consider how delicious a concoction you could create if you had additional components, like fresh lavender, berries, or bubbly to make a spritzer.

Simple data only allows for the most basic of campaigns, which often leave physicians with a bad taste. Full-bodied data provides the type of additional details that can really make email campaigns enticing—and leave your physician audience asking for more.

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GDPR: Why DMD Is The Calm In The Storm

Christopher Lee, Chief Commercial Officer, Healthcare

You’ve likely received an email or two (or twenty) referencing the European Union’s implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which took effect May 25, 2018. While GDPR is an EU standard, it’s already had a global impact. Companies around the world—from large corporations to small firms—were tasked with deploying “repermissioning campaigns,” fearing the worst in terms of regulatory compliance.

All of this has created quite a digital windstorm surrounding privacy, compliance, and the protection of data. Instead of getting sucked up into the GDPR hurricane, take a minute to sit in the calm of the storm.

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Physician Candidates Are Knocking At Your Door. Are You Answering?

Christopher Lee, Chief Commercial Officer, Healthcare

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Orange who?

Orange you going to contact me about that physician position I’m interested in?

If healthcare staffing was as elementary as a knock-knock joke, healthcare staffing professionals would have an easier time filling vacancies. At the very least, knowing exactly which physician candidates are knocking at your virtual door would ease the process considerably.

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