Top 3 Hospital Marketing Must-Dos: Your 2019 Checklist

Andrew Munro

In 2018, hospital marketers faced a number of challenges. Attracting—and retaining—referrals, building physician loyalty, and growing service lines are always top of mind for hospital marketers. As we head into the new year, the goal of maintaining top marks on the U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals list takes center stage.

The good news is, a responsible email approach is an effective way to address these challenges. As 2019 inches closer by the minute, keep these three things at the top of your hospital marketing checklist:

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Using Identity Data To Drive Your Healthcare Staffing Efforts

Lisa Killion

Holiday shopping can be a weary process. Think of how much easier it would be if you could view, in real time—like a fly on the wall, the items your family members were browsing online for their own wish lists? 

That's something healthcare staffing professionals have been asking of Santa for years—to be able to identify, on an individual level, the physicians currently viewing online job posts even if they do not complete an application or set up a profile. Thankfully, the jolly ol' fellow has come through.

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Top 10 Blogs For Healthcare Marketers In 2018

Andrew Munro

This year was filled with a number of significant developments for healthcare marketers. The rising demand to respect individual privacy rights dominated conversations surrounding digital marketing, as did the increasing importance of using data-driven email marketing tools to increase physician engagement and retention.

Our most popular 2018 blogs covered many of these issues. Here’s a quick look.

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Aggregate Data Is Not Enough: The Case For Individual-Level Physician Data

Dale Benner, Senior Director, Product Management

When you go out to dinner with friends, chances are you don’t all order the same meal or request your food to be prepared the same way. Most restaurants try to accommodate individual preferences. Pharma marketers also need to go to the same lengths to serve up content tailored to meet their physician’s specific tastes.

This requires capturing data on an individual level so you can begin to know your physicians and what they care about. Such insights can be the difference between marketing success and failure.

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[Video] AIM: Identifying Your Website Traffic

Dale Benner, Senior Director, Product Management

The headline on the Google Analytics website overview page states “Get to know your customers.” It’s not a false statement. GA and other data platforms do give you tools to better understand your website traffic. It’s a valuable resource.

Yet, as insightful as this information is on a broad level, it still leaves much to be desired in terms of individual data. Who is your website visitor, exactly?

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AIM Topic: Expand Insights Beyond Your Target Physician List

Dale Benner, Senior Director, Product Management

We’ve had some exciting news surrounding our Audience Identity ManagerSM (AIM) platform as of late, and now, we’re introducing a new sub-product to the overall AIM suite of products: AIM Topic.

AIM Topic is similar to AIM Journey, in that it reports the types of sites healthcare professionals visit and the topics they investigate, including disease categories, specific disease states (and sub-states), and approximately five thousand keywords. But, instead of following the online activity of individual, pre-selected HCPs, AIM Topic identifies the HCPs for you based on the disease and topics you select.

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AIM Joins DMD’s Email In BPA Worldwide Certification

Dale Benner, Senior Director, Product Management

Nothing is certain in this world except for death and taxes, according to Benjamin Franklin. If we’ve reached a third “certainty”, it’s arguably technology’s constant evolution—something Greg Satell speaks about in his recent Harvard Business Review article. This evolution requires ongoing adaptation, not only from consumers but also those who innovate—if they wish to remain competitive.

Unfortunately, due to the speed at which technology reinvents itself, innovation isn’t always rooted in compliance. A company’s shortcuts puts clients at risk. On the other hand, a company’s fierce devotion to hold itself responsible—and pass the resulting compliance along to its clients—is what makes one an industry leader. With our patent-pending Audience Identity MangerSM (AIM) technology recently receiving certification for its conformance to the BPA Worldwide standards for audience qualification and IAB Data Best Practices, we are leading the charge in responsible digital marketing.

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AIM Technology Earns BPA Worldwide Certification

Roger Korman, President

DMD’s core values represent our ardent dedication to clients and partners. Two of those values in particular, industry leadership and integrity, have been recognized once again. Our patent-pending Audience Identity ManagerSM (AIM) technology recently earned BPA Worldwide certification for its conformance to the BPA Worldwide rules for audience qualification and IAB Data Best Practices.

We already maintain the first and only physician email database fully audited and classified as a verified source by BPA Worldwide. Now, after a thorough assessment, our AIM platform joins email in this highly-regarded “place at the podium.”

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Healthcare Staffers: Optimize Outreach By Identifying Physician Hand-Raisers

Christopher Lee, Chief Commercial Officer, Healthcare

In the marketing world, a “hand-raiser” can be summed up in a simple sentence: A person who identifies himself as a prospective customer, to a company, by volunteering contact information. For the marketer, receiving that interest is a choice position to be in.

Physicians who are viewing online job posts are, in a way, raising their hands. But, until recently, unless they took the extra step to hand over their personal information, you couldn’t know for sure which physicians were in the crowd. Rather, it was just a sea of hands—undeterminable through a foggy landscape of aggregate data.

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All Your Pharma Ad Analytics Are Wrong (Thanks, Bots)

Wei Han Frank Lin, Chief Technology Officer

Our “Pharma and Digital Ad Fraud” blog series examines essential issues related to digital pharma marketing. Previous blogs have discussed good and bad bots, blacklisting and whitelisting, bot generation techniques, and most recently, two simple ways to reduce the risk of ad fraud.

This week we’ll look at the relationship between bots, web analytics, and marketing planning.

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