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DMD strives to keep healthcare marketers current with the latest innovations in email marketing, website visitor identification, and related aspects of digital pharma marketing. To provide you with a broader perspective, our Pharma Innovators Series profiles thought leaders whose companies are developing interesting products that complement DMD's products and services.
Edith Hodkinson, Chief Digital Officer

Edith Hodkinson, Chief Digital Officer

Edith Hodkinson serves as DMD’s Chief Digital Officer. Edith has worked with pharma marketing clients, both professional and consumer, for more than 20 years to bring innovative, measurable programs to market. Prior to joining DMD, Edith served as President of AccentHealth, the company that created the market for DTC at the point of care. Edith is responsible for DMD’s flagship online behavior monitoring platform AIM, Audience Identity Manager and for building HCP engagement tools that deliver brand results.
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DMD Pharma Innovator Series: Regina Paris, Evoke

Edith Hodkinson, Chief Digital Officer

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, HCPs were increasingly relying on digital channels to stay up-to-date in the healthcare industry.

I recently chatted with Regina Paris, VP of Engagement Strategy at Evoke, to discuss how brands are shifting to (and embracing) the vast opportunities of digital outreach, why qualified data sources are so imperative for achieving optimal engagement, and what is unique about HCPs’ digital behavior in the rare disease space.

The full text of our conversation is below.

Jane Portman, SVP, General Manager, Merkle Health full interview

Edith Hodkinson, Chief Digital Officer

I recently spoke with Jane Portman, SVP, General Manager, Merkle Health, to discuss new sales and marketing trends within the pharmaceutical industry--particularly a focus on an increasing “virtual” space in which sales reps are forced to operate. We also talked about why 1:1 marketing is even more critical for pharma brands now, and will be in the future.

The full text of our conversation is below.

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