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Streamline Your Approach to Recall Letters

Protect lives - and your brand - with an email recall program

An efficient, scalable Dear Doctor email program improves reach and guarantees delivery of vital information.

When a serious problem with a medical device is discovered, you have to take rapid action to alert doctors to the risk.

  • You need to be sure you reach all relevant physicians with accurate information about recall follow-up; and to know be certain they received your message.

  • But when you send Dear Doctor letters via traditional mail, it’s difficult to determine who actually opens and reads them.

  • It’s also hard to expand or match your target list with confidence, because address lists and locations change often.

  • Worse, direct mail is expensive and slow. Postal-only programs require warehousing of returned mail, which wastes more resources.

Get In Touch With DMD

A hybrid approach to Dear Doctor programs is efficient and proactive

Count on 95% deliverability. Each email address is authenticated against the AMA Physician Masterfile and updated daily.

Reach more of your audience

Match and expand your target list with DMD's authenticated database.

Reach 90% of physicians with email addresses.

Send the Dear Doctor email before sending postal mail for better engagement at a lower cost.

Monitor response

Know exactly which physicians consume your emails.

Track and retain results from your Dear Doctor program for use in the event of an audit.

Augment your email send with postal only when necessary.

Follow a simple program

DMD’s hybrid approach uses email to reach an expanded physician audience while tracking the results of your Dear Doctor program.

No warehousing and a lower carbon footprint.

Send follow-up emails to build relationships with physicians and encourage referrals.

DMD is healthcare's #1 physician email database

  • Precision targeting of more than 90% of physicians with email addresses
  • Only email database available with 100% opted-in physicians authenticated by a third party, BPA Worldwide

Implement a multi-channel Dear Doctor program in 4 steps

 Download: Med Device Dear Doctor Program in 4 Steps.

Feedback from the field


"If you want great data, you have to work for it. Typically, between 10 to 75 percent of the addresses will prove invalid
when we scrub an external list.”
Roger Korman, Ph.D., DMD Marketing Corp

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