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Achieve superior programmatic advertising performance with DMD

DMD owns the digital key to identifying your audience, ensuring you can confidently serve ads to your exact, authenticated targets.

One-to-one programmatic ad serving starts with a unique digital identifier, the email address. When email data is 100% first-party sourced, opted in, and deterministic, you’ll get the most matches, with the greatest opportunity for reaching and engaging your target healthcare providers. 

  • DMD provides the only dataset that consists of 100% first-party sourced, authenticated, opted-in records; DMD does not scrape or manufacture records.
  • All DMD data segments are available in leading data management platforms (DMPs), where they’re cookie-matched deterministically and processed for distribution to demand side platforms (DSPs), ad exchanges, and through key ad tech channel partner platforms for use in all digital advertising programs. 
  • DMD also maintains direct-sync relationships with healthcare managed service providers for primary and secondary matching and media buying on their proprietary platforms.

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Get more matches with the largest HCP and consumer health email databases

Partnering with DMD ensures you have access to the only fully opted-in and authenticated source of deterministic data sets.

Extend your physician coverage

DMD has at least double the coverage of any other data provider and achieves significantly higher cookie match rates and superior performance for digital ad campaigns.

Reach and engage patient audiences

DMD's consumer database is 100% first-party sourced and deterministic, featuring 40+ ailments plus 17 different cancer types. Patient data is founded on declared interest, is double opted-in and consists of unique lifestyle and demographic overlays (marital status, income range, children in household, empty-nesters, new homeowners) along with historical and future consumer spending behavior overlays. All consumer data is 100% HIPAA compliant.

Optimize media campaign success

Using DMD data sets in your programmatic efforts enables you to reach your target audience across all media touchpoints for optimal campaign results. The ability to target your audience 1:1 — with absolute certainty you're reaching your intended audience — leads to greater brand awareness, improved engagement and higher conversion rates.

DMD is leading the charge in programmatic advertising for healthcare marketers:

  • Highest standard of data quality--first-party sourced, opted in, and authenticated
  • Strict adherence to data privacy regulations and principles
  • Ability to build hyper-customized segments based on a client’s target file

DMD delivers the data you need to tailor your marketing to individual HCPs, drive engagement, and grow ROI.

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“People who approve budgets are going to view AIM as a necessary element for measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing spend.”

David Reim , Chief Product Officer, DMD

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