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Improve Engagement with an Authenticated Physician Email Database

100% opted-in, verified email data drive the results you need

Engaging physicians with email is tough. Start with data built from a first-party, opted-in resource.

Pharma marketers have to compete hard to get the attention of physicians and other healthcare professionals. And, regulatory requirements strictly govern what you can say to whom. An accurate physician email database is essential to succeed against these odds.

  • Third-party email data scrubbed from offshore sources will always contain incorrect email addresses, including deceased or retired doctors. These professionals have not opted in to receive your email.

  • Without refined email data, you may send your email at a time of day or day of the week when your audience isn’t available or inclined to open it.

  • If you have only one email address for each target file, you’re probably sending your email to an office address, which is most likely opened by an office manager or receptionist.

  • If your segmentation stops at specialty, you may be missing critical targeting dimensions such as procedure codes, claims data, and prescribing behavior.

  • Email content adapted from direct mail won’t render to be easily read on mobile devices, and click-through prompts (CTAs) will get lost.

Optimize Today

The strongest email campaigns are built with data-driven digital intelligence and a turnkey process

Accurate data, deployment benchmarks, and identified website activity will advance your email campaign results

Quality email data improves reach

DMD’s email database includes 90% of HCPs with email addresses, all of whom opted-in. Data is sourced from first-party partners through our Healthcare Communications Network. 

Each address is authenticated against the AMA Physician Masterfile and updated daily for 95% deliverability, guaranteed.

Ours is the only physician email database that is audited and classified as a verified source by BPA Worldwide.

Strategic deployment practices yield results

Deploy emails based on the optimal time of day and day of week for your specialty. After 50,000 email campaigns, we know what works best. 

Use the email address each healthcare professional (HCP) is most likely to open. This is typically a personal, rather than an office, address.

Expand your reach to opportunity targets based on refined HCP data, and send free “echo” emails to increase engagement.

AIM connects your website and email campaigns

DMD’s Audience Identity Manager Manager (AIMsm), identifies HCP visitors to your website and reports on individual browsing behavior.

Link this data to the HCP profiles in your email database to develop a more nuanced understanding of your target audience and personalize email interactions.

Use AIM data to customize follow-up email responses based on identified physician website browsing behavior.

DMD helps marketers run more effective email campaigns:

  • Healthcare's #1 email database reaches 90% of physicians
  • In-depth analytics reveal email best practices by specialty
  • Performance testing facilitates continuous improvement

What you need to know when you're talking to a physician email provider

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Feedback from the field


"Having an authentic, valid database that ensures your message is getting to the audience that wants to hear it is the whole point of email to begin with.”

Vince Milano, Duchesnay USA

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