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Know Exactly Who Visits Your Website, No Login Required

You've tried hard to reach physicians on the Web. But, in truth, you really don't know who is visiting your websites.

AIM has been audited by BPA Worldwide and declared a verified data source.

Blog-01.18.2018-BPAWithout a login, it’s impossible to be sure which website visitors are healthcare professionals. And physicians are famous for avoiding registration forms. Audience identity management technology addresses this challenge.

  • Until you can identify exactly which physicians visit your website, you can’t develop content that will engage them, let alone evaluate your digital marketing ROI.

  • The website journey of individual physicians provides data on what types of content best engage specific HCPs. You can use this information to improve marketing programs, including website content, email communication, recruitment campaigns, and CME programs.

Know Exactly Who Visits Your Website

AIM reports which professionals visit and what they view

Real-time, physician-level data from opted-in visitors supports critical marketing objectives

Visitor Insights Drive Content Personalization

AIM reports the name, NPI number, specialty, and geographic location of “tagged” HCP visitors to your websites, in real-time and without requiring a login.

Use this physician-level data to design website content around the current needs of specific groups of visitors—by specialty, geography, or other targeting criteria.

Link AIM website data back to the HCP profiles in your company database to glean additional insights and further refine your marketing programs. 

Digital Intelligence Gives Sales Reps an Edge

AIM data helps sales reps make the most of their limited time with physicians.

Monitor AIM data so sales reps arrive at in-person meetings armed with meaningful information that matches a physician's interests and needs. 

Reps can respond to in-person meetings by sending supporting materials to a physician's most often-opened email address. 

Verifying Web Traffic Enables Media Accountability

AIM allows publishers to meet advertisers’ demand for accountable media by identifying every tagged HCP who visits an online publication.

Healthcare marketers can then make informed decisions about when and where they place ads, how much they’re willing to spend, and which content is most effective.

Publishers can also serve targeted ads to different segments in real time by implementing their segmenting logic with the AIM Web service.

DMD reveals new insights about your  healthcare audience:

  • Audience identity management technology enhances your email strategy by reporting physician-level insight
  • The AIM Tag and AIM Reader do what cookies never could; they don’t expire and they are not blocked
  • AIM is an opt-in platform that doesn’t require a login

You want to respond to website visitors with the right messaging. Now you can.

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Feedback from the field


“People who approve budgets are going to view AIM as a necessary element for measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing spend.”

David Reim , Chief Product Officer, DMD

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