Sharpen Your Target Market

It’s not enough to know what you already know.

Knowing your audience isn’t just about pulling a database file; it’s personal.

We begin by understanding what you want to achieve for your company and for your customers.

The more we sharpen our focus on exactly what you need to reach your business goals, the easier it is to see opportunity.

Comprehensive practitioner data

DMD’s SuperfileSM database encompasses six million US healthcare professionals and 450,000 organizations. Size matters, but turning data into knowledge is where DMD makes a real difference.

Demographics, affiliation, and practice data are integrated to provide a complete profile of all practitioners and their healthcare facilities. DMD can shape a micro-targeted audience based on group-practice affiliation, hospital/hospital-network affiliation, insurance plans, and more. Using complete Rx, CPT, ICD-9, and insurance claims data, DMD clients can define their most valuable potential audience and access the key multichannel tools to inform practitioner choices.

We partition our data to determine the impact and influence of individual characteristics, in order to generate a refined picture of your highest opportunity audience. This is more valuable than calculating the size of an audience; it is investigative research into behaviors and practices that illuminate customer insight and business opportunity.

Target list assessment

DMD starts with your existing target lists and digs deeper to analyze and uncover opportune audience segments. Our consultants work with you to draw upon practitioner and performance data to evaluate targeting decisions that shape the most promising profiles for each campaign. For physician targeted email campaigns, understanding opportunities at the granular level makes all the difference.

At the practitioner level, DMD works with clients to determine:

>  Prescriber practice profile

>  Case mix, as ascertained by ICD-9 diagnosis data

>  Procedures performed, according to CPT data

>  Regulatory sanctions

>  Office address

>  Home address

>  Group practice affiliation

>  Hospital and hospital network affiliation(s)

>  Insurance plans accepted

We unify all of this data in the DMD SuperfileSM to validate all target files at the onset of a project, ensuring a precisely defined audience. DMD researches and recommends practitioner segments that otherwise may not have been considered as part of the target audience. For example, since DMD can link NPs and PAs by office practice with physicians, clients are now able to include these increasingly important professionals into relevant target groups.

Compliant audience selection

Real-time authentication is about reaching – and paying for – only the target you intend to reach. Improved data and a reduction in wasted exposures are only the beginning. Real-time authentication ensures that you remain in strict regulatory compliance. DMD’s proprietary HCP authentication system, MedTargetSM, ensures you communicate to the individuals you are required to reach and no one else. DMD MedTargetSM takes the guesswork out of authenticating your audience, while mitigating unintentional compliance risk.

Sharpen Your
Target Audience

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