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A Physician Email List Is Only As Good As Its Source

Roger Korman, President

In the creation and maintenance of an email database, relationships reign supreme. For healthcare, the key players are medical publishers and AMA database licensees:

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Topics: Health Systems Marketing, Medical Publishing

Make the Most of Day 2 at MedDev eMarketing Summit

Roger Korman, President

I’m excited to be in San Diego this week for the MedDev eMarketing Summit West. In my last blog, I highlighted some of the Tuesday sessions I’m most looking forward to, including David Reim’s presentation on knowing the identity of your website visitors. (This afternoon at 4:30 pm.)

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Topics: Email Marketing, Audience Identity Management, Health Systems Marketing, Medical Publishing

Authenticating the Traffic to Online Medical Publications

Roger Korman, President

Medical publishers are discovering that their website visitors aren’t always the HCPs they're trying to engage. Though many of their visitors are undoubtedly physicians, few publishers can verify exact numbers. It’s even harder to determine if site visitors are the “right” physicians, as defined by specialty, geographic location, or other targeting criteria. There’s also the question of distinguishing between physicians and mid-level prescribers, or even humans and bots.  

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Topics: Audience Identity Management, Health Systems Marketing, AIM, Medical Publishing

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