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Engage Physicians As Consumers To Expand Your Sales Base

Roger Korman, President

The 2017 State of Engagement Report, released earlier this year, speaks about the reality of the “Engagement Economy”—the evolving era where everyone and everything is connected. It’s an environment that is opportune for medical device marketers to interact with health systems and physicians, but it also presents challenges.

As we’ve explored in other discussions, physicians are consumers too. Just like B2C customers, they should feel wanted, understood, and connected to their brand.

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How To Influence Physician Brand Loyalty

Roger Korman, President

Switching brands can be a very personal process. Going from Nike to Asics may pull at the heart strings, especially if you’ve been loyal to the "swoosh" for some time. There’s likely some heavy research involved before fully making the commitment. What are others saying? How will the fit differ? Will the new brand be able to support you on your weekend 10-milers?

Physicians who are considering shifting from one medical device company to another face a similar situation, just heightened. Concerns extend far beyond the risk of shin splints and blisters, so the pre-switch research is likely extensive. As a former medical device sales professional, building brand loyalty is critical, as it can be difficult to get your customer to switch devices. 

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Expand Your Medical Device User Base with Email

Roger Korman, President

Medical device manufacturers have perfected the traditional sales rep model: knowledgeable reps build long-term relationships with individual physicians who then become loyal users of their product.  It’s a winning strategy, but it doesn’t always scale.

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Topics: Email Marketing, Audience Identity Management, Health Systems Marketing, Medical Devices Marketing

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