The Lab Report Gmail: Overcoming New Deliverability Challenges for HCP Email

The art and science of healthcare email
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All inbox providers are secretive about their filters, but Gmail’s filters are next-level top secret. Historically, Gmail adjusted their filtering algorithms about once per quarter. In 2020, they changed filters as often as once a week.

While Gmail may present inbox deliverability challenges, the sheer number of users – including healthcare professionals (HCPs) – makes it hard for a marketer to ignore. In this new monthly white paper, The Lab Report, DMD email experts explore:

  • What our research tells us about Gmail's filters, and how those filters present deliverability challenges
  • How Gmail filters impact healthcare emails and HCPs' ability to view key brand communications
  • Opportunities to adjust email campaign and deployment strategies to improve inbox deliverability for emails sent to Gmail addresses


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