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Decoding The Digital Physician:
Separating Fact From Fiction
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Decoding The Digital PhysicianAre you looking to optimize your existing and new healthcare marketing strategies?

Physician-level data reveals insightful trends and unique behaviors that demonstrate the greatest opportunities to capture physician attention.

Listen to this webinar, as DMD’s Chief of Digital Strategy, Edith Hodkinson, and DMD’s Senior Director, Customer Engagement Platforms, Data Science and Analytics, David Kriegshauser, discusses how physician-level data can be used to optimize existing and new marketing strategies.


This webinar will explore:

  • What content physicians are reading about most- from certain categories to specific medical topics and drug mentions
  • How often physicians visit certain types of websites, and the most effective traffic drivers
  • The differences in how certain specialties seek out and interact with content online, including the most frequently visited websites and online resources
  • What a physician’s online behavior reveals about their willingness to engage with brands and organizations, and how this physician-level data can be used to optimize existing and new marketing strategies
  • How to take physician-level behaviors even further with tailored, preference-based journeys delivered through marketing automation

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