Catch Us If You Can

The email channel has taken off. Has healthcare been left behind?

Catch Us If You CanListen to the webcast on the influence of email, and how healthcare can ramp up digital engagement with healthcare professionals, from physicians to mid-level prescribers.

While the healthcare industry has been asleep, email marketing has become the leading influence of digital outreach.

Industries from retail to travel to financial services continue to evolve email optimization strategies that engage audiences and drive transactions, leaving healthcare in the dust.

How can you catch up?

Listen as DMD President Roger Korman delivers the message loud and clear:

  • Don't limit your use of email to product information - use it to engage your audience
  • Find out which of your audience's email addresses is the one she uses for the information that matters
  • Explore the risks of outdated email lists, and how they'll turn an efficient channel into wasted dollars

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