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A Guide to Email Authentication

Today's top healthcare marketers talk to MM&M contributor Cindy Waxer about the importance of using an authenticated physician email list.

Email AuthenticationWhen done well, email is a significant driver of engagement that delivers just the right marketing messages to your target audiences. If the data driving your campaign is comprised of 100% opted-in HCPs, sourced from first party data, and updated daily, measureable, amplified results can be yours.

Establish an effective line of communication with your audience for your campaigns through proper email authentication. Identify the data, technology tools, and strategic insights you need for winning healthcare campaigns.

Read MM&M's Ultimate Guide: Email Authentication and learn:

  • The key components of email authentication
  • The importance of email validation and maintenance
  • The rewards of a high quality physician email list
  • The ROI payback on doing email the right way

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