Here are some tips so that your email marketing campaign is a success and does not end up in the spam folder.
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October 17, 2018


[Video] How To Know If Your Email List Is Authenticated

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Tips To Create An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

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By Editor,
Industry Trend

Email marketing is probably the most used tool in online marketing due to its low cost, high profitability, and high impact. Here are some tips so that your email marketing campaign is a success and does not end up in the spam folder... Read More


Quality Over Quantity: Why Targeted Emails Are Better Than Email Blasts

viewed from above, closeup of open notebook, cup of tea, pen and eyeglasses. Open notebook reads Content Marketing

By Rimma Kats,

When a consumer gives a brand the privilege of getting in their inbox, marketers shouldn’t abuse that. "Marketers need to recognize the responsibility of having that access to a a person's inbox and send their subscribers more relevant messages," according to Forest Bronzan, executive vice president of CRM, email and creative services at Elite SEM... Read More


As Consumer Expectations Rise, Brands Find New Data To Personalize Experience


By Kimberly Collins,

The blending of customer care with digital marketing is a trend we’ll likely see continue to rise. With increasing consumer expectations of personalization vying against increasing concerns of data privacy, brands will find more creative ways to make use of the data they already have in order to deliver the experience consumers demand... Read More


The House Of Data: How Can CDPs Help Email Marketers?


By Ray Schultz,

Email marketing has always depended on the quality of a marketer’s customer data, according to Derek Slager, CTO and co-founder of Amperity. “With customer data platforms, email marketers can now stitch together data from all their disparate sources to create higher quality, richer customer data, enabling better personalization and customer experience," he said... Read More


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[Webinar] This Is Your Email Marketing Intervention!

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After more than 50,000 email campaigns, DMD knows more than anyone how to reach physicians. This webinar, tailored specifically for hospital strategists and marketers, will provide you with valuable resources for your own email marketing efforts- whether you are just getting started or are looking at ways to take your program to the next level. Register now and join us on October 24 at 2 p.m. (EST).


Digital Pharma East 2018: 5 Sessions You Shouldn’t Miss

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By David Reim,

We are at Digital Pharma East 2018. Here are several not-to-be-missed sessions recommended by DMD’s Chief Privacy Officer. It’s one of his favorite times of the year... Read More

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