Brands that prioritize mobile experiences based on preferences, earn the attention and loyalty of consumers and increase conversion rates.
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Get more out of your 2018 marketing May 2, 2018
Stop Ruining The Consumer Mobile Journey With Desktop Experiences
By Brian Solis, MarketingLand
Brands that prioritize mobile experiences based on preferences and behaviors as they evolve will do more than convert. They’ll earn the loyalty of consumers who are in control of the experiences they want... Read more
Is Facebook Making Moves In Healthcare?
By Rachel Z. Arndt, Modernhealthcare
A hospital or health system might one day buy data from Facebook to find out which users may be looking for fertility services and lure in new patients. For this to work, the company might ask patients directly for their data... Read more
The Seventh Deadly Sin Of Digital: Reach And Frequency
By Ming Wu, AdExchanger
Reach and frequency are the currency of all advertising but measurement can be grossly misleading. As marketers gain more visibility into their campaigns, they should be asking more questions.... Read more
The Importance Of Email List Hygiene
By James Carner,
The email marketing industry changes just as fast as the Earth’s surface does. Like Earth events, such as landslides and earthquakes, ISPs can change an algorithm which can throw the entire industry into a tailspin… Read more
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