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Accurate Email Information

An authenticated database with 90% coverage lets you engage more candidates, more efficiently

With a limited number of premier candidates for your open positions, getting your target list right is critical.

Acquiring doctors who meet exacting experience and background requirements is a continual challenge. Healthcare recruiters face a competitive marketplace, and it’s hard to engage physicians who work into the wee hours. An expansive, verified email database allows you to reach the best physicians for the job.

  • 50% of preferred physician email addresses are personal addresses. You must be able to reach physicians at home.

  • While the AMA Physician Masterfile helps you target based on demographics, you also need an extensive set of email addresses that fulfill your recruitment needs.

  • Opt-in email addresses are the most accurate, since HCPs are more likely to provide a valid email when they're actively seeking information. Without a 100% opted-in email database, you just can’t be sure who you’re reaching.

  • Physicians and allied health professionals don’t want to register or log in on a website, making it impossible to know exactly how well your on-site application processes are working.

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A superior email database gives you more than just an email address

An authenticated, opted-in data resource can open many doors

Quality data in, quality candidates out

DMD’s email database is sourced from first-party partners through our Healthcare Communications Network, guaranteeing 95% deliverability.

Our database includes 90% of physicians with email addresses, all of whom are opted-in to receive your email.

Check your internal list against DMD's email database to access the correct—and preferred—email address for each physician.

Working smarter shortens your recruitment timetable

After deploying over 50,000 email campaigns, we know the time- of-day and day-of-week when each specialty opens email.

DMD has identified the preferred email address for each physician in our database. Since 50% of preferred email addresses are personal addresses, you can reach your candidates at home.

Hands-on access to a DMD database application lets you modify your recruitment specs quickly.

Identify physicians who come to your website, even if they don’t register

DMD’s Audience Identity Managersm (AIM) can recognize website visitors and report on site visit behavior.

You can use this AIM data to optimize your job descriptions and application tools to improve response.

Then follow up with high quality candidates, even if they‘re not ready to apply.

Recruiters can use AIMsm to further qualify candidates

  • Identify physicians by specialty and then drill down to understand which clinical studies, CME events, or other website content they’re engaging with.
  • Cross-check website and email data to identify physicians who have ties to a specific geographic area, even if they don’t currently live there.

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Feedback from the field


"If you want great data, you have to work for it. Typically, between 10 to 75 percent of the addresses will prove invalid when we scrub an external list.”
Roger Korman, Ph.D., DMD Marketing Corp

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