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Get More CME Registrants with the Same Budget

Leverage the power of an opted-in email database to increase registration for your event

When you need to fill CME seats, you need an email database that's built from first-party data.

CME educators and planners need to reach the largest number of interested healthcare professionals to meet attendance goals. But, quality trumps quantity when it comes to email addresses that deliver registration results.

  • Opt-in email addresses are the most accurate, since physicians are more likely to provide a valid email when they're actively seeking information. Without a 100% opted-in email database, sourced from first-party partners, you just can’t be sure who you’re reaching.

  • If you’re emailing CME invitations to physicians’ hospital or practice addresses, you’re not reaching them at the email address they open and read most often.

  • Unless your list is updated daily, you could be reaching physicians beyond your geography or specialty parameters.

  • Targeting that stops at specialty misses the opportunity to find hard-to-reach physicians.

Increase Registration For Your Event

A superior email database delivers the registration response you need

Authenticated, verified, first-party sourced, updated every 24 hours

Reach more of your audience

DMD’s email database includes addresses for over 90% of physicians.

Check your internal list against it to access the correct, and most often opened, email addresses for your audience. Or discover new physicians you haven’t reached before.

Each physician address is verified against the AMA Physician Masterfile and updated daily for 95% deliverability, guaranteed.

Outperform your last campaign

Send your invitations based on the optimal time-of-day or day-of-week for your specialty.

Get a free “echo” send, proven to increase engagement by 4%, for those who don’t open on the first deployment.

Expand your reach to additional physicians using claims data, procedure codes, and hospital affiliations.

Get ahead of your timetable

Get hands-on access to an application that lets you modify your segment quickly.

Speed up the process with advanced list count data and email template tools you can adapt quickly.

When you have questions, call on your dedicated support team. After 50,000 email campaigns, we know how email performs best.

DMD helps CME providers register more physicians:

  • Gain access to 90% of physicians with email addresses
  • Narrow the field by specialty and geography, as well as claims data and procedure codes
  • Leverage the 2-for-1, “echo” email in all campaigns

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