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CME Providers

A superior email database delivers the registration response you need

  • Reach over 90% of physicians with email addresses
  • A 100% opted-in, verified email database
  • Increase engagement by 4% with a free ‘echo’ send

[+] CME Providers

Healthcare Recruiters

Reach the best candidates by using the most accurate email information

  • Shorten your recruitment timetable
  • Reach opted-in candidates where they read email
  • Guaranteed 95% deliverability

[+] Healthcare Recruiters

Medical Devices

  • Implement a hybrid email-to-print Dear Doctor recall campaign to reduce cost and lower your carbon footprint
  • Improve referrals by reaching opportunity audiences

[+] Medical Devices

Medical Publishers

  • Increase share of voice by expanding your reach wtih email
  • Update and refine your target lists with authenticated and verified email addresses

[+] Medical Publishers