5 Questions Most Email Providers Try to Dodge

Hold their feet to the fire. Ask your provider each of these questions —
and watch their reactions.

1. Where do their email addresses come from?

Ask them for the real sources of their address files. Will they reveal those sources to you or ask you to take their word for it? Are their sourcing claims realistic if they depend on person-to-person data collection? Are their secondary sources really off-shore web scrapers? Let them prove it you.

DMD sources its emails through an ever-expanding network of U.S. medical publishers, education companies, and personnel placement services that have a direct relationship with HCPs – the DMDHealthcare Communications Networksm. Can they match that?

2. Is their list authenticated?

Ask if their email list has been verified by an independent third party. DMD’s emails have been authenticated by the leading subscriber database authority – BPA Worldwide. Can they offer you anything like that?

3. Can they verify that HCPs have opted in?

Does your provider respect the email preferences of your HCPs? Are their emails collected from professional sources trusted by HCPs? And, can they prove it?

DMD collects email addresses through its opt-in Healthcare Communications Networksm, a network of U.S. medical publishers and professional service organizations. Our data is developed and sustained in partnership with over 85% of the major medical publishers. Can your provider say the same? 

4. What percentage of their list becomes invalid every month?

How does your provider replace email addresses on a timely basis?

Every list has a percentage of addresses that “go dark” each month due to HCP employment transitions, practice location, change in internet provider, or email address preference. The industry rate for invalid email addresses is 1% of the list, per month. That's a lot of emails to replace.

DMD’s sources capture changes as they happen and provide that address maintenance to DMD daily. How does your provider replace email addresses on a timely basis?

5. For how many HCPs can they offer you multiple email addresses?

Every HCP, like every consumer, uses multiple email addresses. DMD captures multiple HCP emails through its Healthcare Communications Networksm. Not only do we know when an HCP email address changes or becomes invalid; we also know which address is used most often for high-value, professional information for each HCP. Can your supplier provide that speed in database maintenance and coverage?

Make sure you're getting honest value for your email marketing program. 
Ask us how.

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