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Direct Social Activation PLUS Readiness for Apple's iOS 14.5 IDFA Changes 

Multiple, Addressable Emails for Every Healthcare Professional in Our True IdentitySM Database

DMD has the highest coverage of personal email addresses. Why does this matter? Physicians are more likely to use a personal email address to sign into social media accounts. 

Our True IdentitySM database — the industry's largest database — is founded on the principle of the email address as the best, unique digital identifier for healthcare professionals; our data is not self-declared, lookalike or probabilistic. We are the ONLY providers of healthcare professional identity data that is first-party sourced, opted-in and deterministic. 

Extend Your Audience to Expand Social Campaign Reach

We deliver the largest email address database in the industry, with over 90% of U.S. healthcare providers — 70% of which have personal email addresses. On average, we maintain 3.55 email addresses per HCP.

We also can customize audience selection based on Rx, claims, clinical indication, web behavior and more. We make digital healthcare advertising easy. Contact us today to learn more about Social Identity.

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Direct Social Media Platform Audience Activation Without Reliance on Third-Party Identity Graph or Device ID

Partnering with DMD ensures you have access to the only fully opted-in and authenticated source of deterministic data sets.

Today, a common practice for social targeting is to load the desired audience onto a device or household identity graphs such as LiveRamp and activate the audience levering Apple's IDFA to match the social platform's users. We see two problems with this approach when it comes to HCP social media campaigns:

  1. In order to have deterministic 1:1 HCP targeting, no look-a-like or household model should be utilized for HCP social programs.
  2. With Apple's move to limit IDFA with iOS 14.5 release, it is no longer valid to use a 3rd-party identity graph such as LiveRamp for social programs.

Social platform such as LinkedIn already shared their plan to cease the usage of IDFA regardless of Apple's iOS 14.5 release. 

DMD's social approach has always been direct onboarding and activation. We load our first-party, opted-in HCP data directly onto the social platforms, without going through a third-party, which can lead to audience inflation by way of device or household identity graphs. As a result, DMD Social Identity delivers the following benefits:

  • Deterministic 1:1 HCP audience targeting and activation on social media platforms.
  • 3.55 addressable emails per HCP on average, with 70% personal email addresses, which allows us to match HCPs to their registered social accounts.
  • DMD's HCP Graph on Lasso/Xandr/AT&T, used to directly have access to 1:1 devices and phones as part of our direct onboarding to social accounts.
  • The most robust social match rates through DMD's direct onboarding and activation on various social platforms.
  • Consent-based email address matching to enable future-proof your social campaigns; furthermore, this is key to DMD's cookieless identity solution beyond social.

DMD Addressable Social


Extend your physician coverage

DMD has at least double the coverage of any other data provider, with an average 3.55 emails per HCP in our database. With Social Identity, you can achieve significantly higher cookie match rates and superior performance for digital ad campaigns.

Limitless customization

Create custom audiences from a wide array of targeting parameters, including:

  • NPI, Specialties & More: By target list, group or sub-specialty, demographic information, etc.
  • Clinical Behavior: Prescribing, diagnostic (ID), procedural (CPT), affiliations by practice, and more
  • Web Behavior with DMD's AIM XR: Content consumption, keywords and browsing journeys 

Optimize social media campaign success

Using DMD data sets in your social media efforts enables you to reach your exact targets for optimal campaign results. The ability to target your audience 1:1 — with absolute certainty you're reaching your intended audience — leads to greater brand awareness, improved engagement and higher conversion rates.

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