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Engage the Entire Practice to Build Your Brand Value

Use targeted email to reach nurses in leading specialties

Nurses play a critical role in patient care, day in and day out.

Reaching nurses with targeted email helps you build your brand’s value among the care providers patients see most often. A nurse database that lets you segment by specialty and geography ensures you send relevant content to specific audiences.

  • As physician caseloads increase, nurses are taking a more central role in patient care than ever before.

  • If you email only physicians, you give up the opportunity to engage with the nurses who often field patient questions about treatment, drug interactions, and side effects.

  • You also miss the chance to reinforce your brand value across the entire practice.

  • Without an accurate email database that is sourced from trusted partners and updated daily, you can’t be sure who you’re reaching.

Reach Nurses Today

A trusted nurse database lets you target frontline care providers

100% opted-in nurse email addresses and real-time website data enhance your email campaigns

The highest quality nurse database available

Our nurse database consists of 100% opted-in email addresses for neurology, oncology, cardiology, and geriatrics nurses.

You can segment nurse audiences by treatment specialty and geography.

Data is collected through trusted partners and updated daily. Sources include CME programs, specialty nurse associations, medical publications, and self-reported data.

Access to the HCPs who interact with patients most often

Nurses play an increasingly important role in patient care. Reaching targeted nurse audiences with relevant content improves the quality of that care.

Email helps you share a consistent message about the benefits of your brand or product.

Our opted-in database indicates a nurse’s preferred email address and the best time-of-day to deploy for each specialty.

Unheard-of insight from individual website data

DMD’s Audience Identity Manager (AIMsm) identifies individual nurse visitors to your website and reports their browsing behavior in real time.

Connect AIM data to the nurse profiles in your company database for greater knowledge of specific audiences.

Use these new insights to customize email campaigns and website content.

DMD expands your audience to nurses in leading specialties

  • Reach clinical nurses at the email address they prefer
  • Target by treatment specialty and geography
  • Use nurse-level data reported by AIM to gain real-time insight into specific segments

Think beyond physicians. Engage the whole practice.

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Feedback from the field


“Email campaigns perform best with physicians that find your information relevant. Yet more and more, access to these healthcare professionals is being limited for sales reps.”

Paul Spiegler, Merkle

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