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Expand Your Reach and Build your Prescriber Base

Develop targeted email campaigns that will engage NP/PA prescribers

Nurse practitioners and physician assistants prescribe medications every day.

Delivering targeted email to NPs and PAs broadens your audience and establishes your brand’s value for a group of HCPs with unique access to patients. An NP/PA database that allows you to segment by diagnosis, treatment, and affiliation data makes it possible.

  • Due to heavier case loads and low-see/no-see regulations, engaging physicians is harder than ever. If your target specialty is narrow, your reach is even more limited, particularly if you don’t email all prescribers in a practice.

  • When you email only physicians, you miss the opportunity to reinforce your brand value among all prescribers in the same office. Whole practice targeting expands your reach.

  • You also give up the chance to tailor your messaging to NP/PAs, whose interactions with patients can be different than a physician’s. 

  • Unless your email data is authenticated, opt-in, and updated daily, you can’t be sure you’re reaching the right NP/PAs with the right message.

Reach More Prescribers Today

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Accurate NP/PA data, including specialty, lets you target all potential prescribers

75% NP/PA coverage and authenticated website activity refine your email campaigns

The industry’s most complete NP/PA database

Our NP/PA database includes email addresses for 75% of practicing nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

You can segment NP/PA audiences by professional designation, practice setting, specialty, and prescribing and diagnosis data.

Data is authenticated against our opt-in Healthcare Communications NetworkSM, IMS, and insurance claims.

Access to influential healthcare providers

NPs and PAs often spend more time with patients than physicians do. Emailing product information and case studies to targeted NP/PA audiences enhances the care they offer.

By delivering a consistent message across the entire practice setting, you can accurately convey the benefits of your product.

We can identify the preferred email address and optimal time-of-day deployment for each specialty.

Unprecedented insight from real-time website data

DMD’s Audience Identity Manager (AIMsm) identifies individual HCP visitors to your website and reports what content they view.

Develop a deeper understanding of particular audiences by connecting AIM data to the NP/PA profiles in your company database.

Apply these new insights as you customize email campaigns by specialty, geography, practice location, and more.

DMD extends your reach to NP and PA prescribers

  • Engage 75% of NP/PAs at the email address they prefer
  • Target by professional designation, practice setting, specialty, and prescribing data
  • Analyze HCP-level website data reported by AIM for real-time insights into specific audiences

Don't stop at physicians. Expand your audience to the whole practice.

Feedback from the field


“Email campaigns perform best with physicians that find your information relevant. Yet more and more, access to these healthcare professionals is being limited for sales reps.”

Paul Spiegler, Merkle

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