Mobile Optimized Email Templates

Because His Android and Her iPhone Answer Different Callings

Healthcare email templates get campaigns to market faster

When you have pre-approved email templates, you test more effectively and respond to performance data more quickly

Legal and regulatory compliance is of paramount importance to healthcare marketers. Equally critical is the ability to test and respond to data without delay. Pre-approved email templates can help.

Core performance drivers are often missing from email communication to physicians and other healthcare providers

  • Mastheads and taglines are imported as images that don’t render on many email service providers

  • Preheaders are ignored, missing a golden opportunity to improve open rates

  • Subject lines are too long for a growing number of mobile devices

  • Coding for mobile often results in a user experience that exhausts (multiple swipes to consume an entire message)

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Pre-approved email templates guarantee perfect rendering 100% of the time

Make sure your email is opened and read by your target audience

Work with DMD’s email team to create your own pre-approved templates

We guide your internal team or agency partners to build best-practice templates that can be pre-approved before delivering content to MLR.

  • Design for mobile first, PC second
  • Shrink your creative
  • Program HTML as text wherever possible
  • Minimize images

Subject line and preheader practices improve open rate performance

Before you even engage with DMD, get the guidelines for creating the most effective subject lines and preheaders.

  • Character count by email service provider, as well as mobile device
  • Front loading keywords in your subject line
  • Strategic use of preheaders to support your subject line and email messaging
  • A/B testing of alternate subject lines

Extensive render and content testing improves campaign performance

Will your email render as a readable email in your target’s inbox? Are your systems set up to test, learn, and implement with winning subject lines and preheaders?

  • Determine which elements of an email had the greatest influence on its performance
  • Know the optimal character count for subject lines and preheaders across all devices
  • Assess how a single word change or preheader message might drive more opens

DMD is healthcare's #1 physician email database:

  • Precision targeting of more than 90% of physicians with email addresses
  • Only email database available with 100% opted-in physicians and third-party authentication by BPA Worldwide

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