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Grow your membership with DMD’s high quality database

DMD sets the standard for healthcare professional data

DMD is the only provider of 100% first-party sourced and opted-in healthcare professional data that is both privacy and regulatory compliant.

You rely on your members for growth and revenue; the key to that success is an effective database.

DMD delivers the only database of individual-level healthcare professional information for both members and non-members. Each record is authenticated using a 17-step verification process, ensuring digital access to your key target healthcare audiences.

By partnering with DMD, you can:

  • Reach new members by expanding your target list with DMD email addresses and earn ownership of any leased email addresses
  • Verify and authenticate the email addresses, NPI numbers, and other individual-level data in your existing database
  • Gain insight - at the individual level - into the members, non-members, and unreached audiences  who visit your website, or within DMD’s ecosystem of medical websites.

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Ensure Your Marketing, Publication, and Membership Teams Succeed

Onboarding to DMD’s Healthcare Communications Network (HCN) ensures you have the most lucrative opportunities for growth.

Grow your membership

DMD’s Audience Identity Manager® (AIM) tool allows you to observe what other websites non-members are visiting, providing valuable opportunities for hyper-targeted messaging. When you discover the specific needs and wants of these non-members, you’re better equipped to deploy content that piques their interest and sparks engagement.

Reach more of your audience

DMD has the widest coverage of healthcare professional data in the industry, with email addresses, NPIs, and more available to our partners. Expand your outreach by using a database that is accurate and authenticated. List hygiene is one of the most significant indicators of campaign success. DMD has established the highest standards of quality in healthcare email databases.

Optimize your revenue potential

Using Audience Identity Manager® (AIM) to authenticate digital traffic is a game-changing move in revenue potential. Having a clear picture of your audience makes you highly attractive to your supporters, particularly in this era when marketers are demanding increased personalization. Greater relevance in advertising equates to improved circulation, programmatic potential, and an all-around better user experience.

DMD is leading the charge in healthcare association marketing outreach:

  • Highest standard of email list quality
  • Utmost adherence to data privacy regulations and principles
  • Innovative technologies to identify individual website users

DMD delivers the data you need to tailor your marketing to individual HCPs, drive engagement, and grow ROI.

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Feedback from the field


“People who approve budgets are going to view AIM as a necessary element for measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing spend.”

David Reim , Chief Product Officer, DMD

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