AIM Journey

See Your Target Physicians Across Hundreds Of Medical Websites

You’re always looking for ways to develop a deeper understanding of the physicians in your core audiences.

Better insights yield better programs and engagement. And knowing what kinds of medical websites your physicians visit, and what they are reading, is invaluable. With this kind of data, there’s a lot you can do with marketing segmentation and physician communication.

  • When you can identify what HCPs are reading online, your content can be evolved to address relevant HCP information needs.
  • When you have a clear picture of where HCPs travel across the digital medical ecosystem, you can accurately evaluate your competitive landscape.
  • If you know where physicians are getting their professional information, you can develop segmented programs based on individualized digital behavior
  • Sales reps who understand the content preferences of their target physicians can tailor their presentations to specific interests
  • Knowing what physicians read across medical websites can help develop predictive models and targeted messaging

See What Physicians Are Reading

AIM Journey reports which kinds of sites HCPs visit and what they read

Power up your segmentation model with insights based on Journey data.

Re-evaluate Your Content

Once you know the content your target audience is reading (and not reading), you can adjust your own marketing programs accordingly.

AIM Journey data provides insights that identify individual HCP content

Build New Segmentations 

You already have data on prescription behavior, email response, sales rep  success. When you overlay AIM Journey data with these findings, new segmentation opportunities become apparent.

Measure the Competitive Landscape

When you use AIM and AIM Journey to compare traffic to your website with traffic to other websites in the medical ecosystem, important new metrics become available.

DMD provides individualized website data:

  • AIM reports which HCPs visit your websites
  • AIM Journey reports which categories of medical websites your target HCPs visit
  • AIM and AIM Journey are opt-in platforms that don’t require a login

Identify the medical websites your target HCPs visit

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