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Email is the most effective way to engage with physicians, inside your system and across the medical community

Physician loyalty is essential in today’s competitive, value-based healthcare landscape.

Health systems aim to provide an expanded choice of physicians and services under one roof. But broad consumer options and the ubiquity of urgent care facilities pose stiff competition for growing institutions. Since physicians play a critical role in increasing case volume, developing strong hospital-physician relationships is imperative. Email provides a targeted, efficient way to reinforce your brand.

  • Major institutions are currently experiencing double digit referral leakage. Yet many struggle to identify the worst offenders, let alone address the problem in a timely and consistent manner.
  • Physician liaisons can’t possibly engage with every physician in your system in a meaningful way. When you rely exclusively on liaisons, you may miss opportunities to continually communicate your hospital’s value to potential referrers, both within and outside your system.
  • Community email newsletters are successful, but hospital marketers haven’t maximized email’s capabilities for building relationships with physicians. There’s not much information available on best practices for health systems, and little data on email ROI.

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Strategic email campaigns can enhance your health system reputation and expand profitable service lines

90% coverage and precision targeting help you reach the right physicians

Drive physician loyalty

Email is a highly effective channel for delivering meaningful information to physicians, particularly since 90% of healthcare professionals now use mobile devices at work.

DMD’s database includes the personal email addresses physicians prefer to use for important professional information, as well as each physician’s specialty, procedure codes, and claims data.

Separate email communication can be crafted to help medical staff stay current on therapeutic advances, new equipment, and upcoming events within your system.

Augment your referral network

DMD's database includes 90% of physicians with email addresses, making it easy to reinforce referrals within and beyond your network. 

Email potential referrers to raise awareness of your strongest service lines and cutting-edge technologies.

Ask internal KOLs to act as ambassadors for your hospital brand by authoring some of this content.

Use email to communicate with physicians who are referring outside your network. Include their current outmigration rates, plus content designed to increase their awareness of your hospital’s capabilities.

Take advantage of your U.S. News & World Report rankings

Email provides a fast, efficient, and targeted channel to promote high rankings. It’s equally effective when used to respond strategically to low rankings.

Address each opportunity or challenge with targeted messaging to the right audience. Reach physicians outside your system with news about new technology and professional staff.

Use email to engage staff around a ranking-improvement program. Or, target new hires with support from your US News results.


DMD is healthcare's #1 physician email database

  • We provide 30% more physician email addresses than any other database.
  • Addresses are verified against the AMA Physician Masterfile and updated daily for 95% deliverability, guaranteed.
  • After 50,000 email campaigns, we know what works best. You’ll have dedicated support from start to finish.

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