Precision HCP Targeting

Go Beyond Specialty and AMA Demographics

Engage more of your target audience using verified email and physician-level website data

It’s not enough to target based on what you already know.

Healthcare marketers are under pressure to quantify the value of marketing designed to reach and engage physicians and other healthcare professionals. With questions looming about the efficacy of digital campaigns and the accuracy of website traffic data, the need for “truth in marketing” has never been greater.

  • Without a 100% opted-in email database and first-party sourcing, you can’t be sure who you’re reaching.
  • Targeting that stops at specialty misses the opportunity to find hard-to-reach HCPs.
  • Aggregated website visitor data forces you to make assumptions about who’s really coming to your website and what they’re doing once they arrive.
  • Requiring physicians to log in or register hasn’t yielded a meaningful volume of data.
  • When you target only physicians, you’re limiting your reach. NPs and PAs should also receive tailored messages about your product.

Build a precision targeting plan for your business

AIMsm technology and a superior email database improve campaign effectiveness

Know more about your target audience than just a work email address


Know more about your HCPs 

With DMD’s database, access personal email addresses physicians prefer to use for important professional information.

Target better with prescribing data, claims data, and hospital affiliations, as well as office location and email addresses for other providers in their practice.

Know who opened your email, at what time of day, on what device, and on which email platform.

Our database is updated daily to ensure 95% deliverability.

Broader reach through our opt-in network

Email addresses for 90% of physicians and 75% of nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

100% opted-in nurses in top specialties like oncology, cardiology, and neurology.

Our 100% opted-in database is sourced through our first-party communications network.

Addresses are authenticated against industry sources, including the AMA Physician Masterfile. 

Media accountability via web traffic verification

DMD’s Audience Identity Managersm (AIM) reports real-time data about your website visitors, without requiring a login.

Know the name, NPI number, specialty, and geographic location of all tagged HCPs who visit your site.

Use this physician-level data to create website content that meets the current needs of specific groups of visitors.

Connect AIM website data to the HCP profiles in your email database to uncover new insights and hone future email campaigns.

DMD helps you target more HCPs, more precisely:

  • Reach more than 90% of physicians, 75% of NP/PAs, and 400,000 nurses
  • Target by specialty, prescribing data, claims data and more
  • Analyze physician-level website data reported by AIM for real-time insights into specific audiences

Uncover new insights for tomorrow’s email campaigns

Download the e-book, “Targeting for the Future.”

Feedback from the field


"Email campaigns perform best with physicians that find your information relevant.”

Paul Spiegler, Merkle

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