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Identity-based HCP Digital Behavior
Builds More Effective Marketing Programs 

Website activity data at the individual HCP level drives insights and expands engagement

Digital marketing success depends on knowing exactly who your online audience is. Yet that’s easier said than done.

Email marketing, healthcare websites, and digital ads support highly targeted messaging, but you can’t develop truly meaningful content unless you can verify who is consuming it. Audience identity management technology and a superior email database provide that level of accountability.

  • Physicians avoid registration forms and logins, so it’s impossible to know what attracts individual HCPs to your site.

  • If you could see what digital content holds their interest, you could target your marketing programs to the most receptive audiences.

  • When you evaluate email and other digital campaign results, you’re typically relying on aggregated data. Individualized data helps you target more personally.

  • If you know precisely who’s opened and responded to an email campaign, you’re sure to stay in compliance.

  • Your marketing dollars are more likely to be effective when you can verify exactly who is viewing your digital advertising across different properties.

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Website reporting and superior email data enable digital accountability

Real-time, opt-in, physician-level data drives marketing ROI

AIMsm identifies HCP visitors to your website and reports what they view

Real-time data from individual, opted-in website visitors supports critical marketing objectives.

Know the name, specialty, NPI number, and state of residence of tagged HCP website visitors, no login required.

Use this data to develop customized website content and provide sales reps with real-time intelligence.

Physician-level website data makes media accountability possible

AIM allows pharma marketers to tailor website, email, and other digital marketing campaigns to the right audiences.

Choose the best follow-up marketing tactics based on their individual online preferences.

Use identified digital visitor behavior to make informed decisions about digital ad placement, how much you’re willing to spend, and which content is most effective.

Audience verification takes email marketing to the next level

Use an authenticated, opt-in database to reach the right audience:  email addresses for 90% of physicians, updated daily, 95% deliverability, guaranteed.

Link the HCP profiles in your company database to AIM website data to uncover new insights and further refine email campaigns.

Or, flip it around. Evaluate the response to a particular email message to develop meaningful website content for targeted audiences.

AIM is changing how pharma marketers do digital:

  • Physician-level data drives customized website content and targeted email deployments.
  • Audience verification supports digital ad optimization and location-based content.
  • Real-time visitor insights help sales reps engage meaningfully with physicians.

Revolutionize your pharma marketing.


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Feedback from the field

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"Having an authentic, valid database that ensures your message is getting to the audience that wants to hear it is the whole point of email to begin with.”

Vince Milano, Duchesnay USA

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